Seeing her son choke on a fish bone, mother-in-law glared at her daughter-in-law with a burning face

After that moment, I just wanted to have a private married life without showing up to anyone else…

Mother-in-law I am a very fastidious person, unfortunately, she loves her son dearly, so being a bride like me suffers a lot. When I heard my husband said that he would have to live with his parents for the first year after getting married, I was startled and even thought about stopping.

My biological parents know my personality best, they said it would be difficult for me to live with my in-laws. However, they still encouraged and tried to compress everything inside, after all, it was only the first year of marriage.

As for the number of 1 year living with my husband’s parents, I don’t know where it comes from. My husband’s family has 3 sisters, including an eldest sister and 2 younger brothers. My husband is the youngest son. The eldest sister and brother are both married. They also had to live with their parents for the first year after getting married.

Perhaps this is also some intention of my husband’s parents. As for me, I just find it a bit funny, there are many points that make no sense.

Seeing her son choke on a fish bone, mother-in-law glared at her daughter-in-law with a burning face-1

Living close to each other will cause many problems. Not to mention that my wife and I are young, we will have different lifestyles and activities than the elderly.

If in the first year of marriage, the two sides have conflicts and quarrels, then the relationship will be very difficult to mend. I keep taking for example my mother and grandmother… They used to live together too, so many things happened. I don’t even dare to see my grandmother much, because she often talks about old stories between her and her mother.

But in the end, I still accepted him as my husband, returned to be a bride and lived with my husband’s parents for a year.

At first, I found my mother-in-law warmly welcoming, with a cheerful personality. However, living together, I realized that she is not as simple as she seems. It’s only been 8 months so far, but so many things have happened. My life is becoming more and more suffocating and uncomfortable.

The first is the problem, the rooms in the house are kept close together, making life uncomfortable for my husband and I.

Upstairs is the brother-in-law’s room, the eldest sister, we are not allowed to touch. At night, if you want to sing a few lines, you have to sing it very quietly, otherwise it’s like your mother-in-law will knock on the door and say “Don’t let anyone sleep?”.

And yet, my wife and I don’t even have a private bathroom, so we have to share. In the evening, I also do skincare, or I take a long bath, and every time like that, there is a mother-in-law urging me outside.

I went upstairs to use the other toilet, but my mother-in-law said something like: “After taking a shower, remember to scrub the toilet to clean it. Otherwise, it’s time for you to come back here and complain again.”

Everything about her mother-in-law thinks about her own children, but with her daughter-in-law, she doesn’t ask too much. I saw that my sister-in-law had given birth to 2 sons, but her mother-in-law did not often ask her if she was tired or struggling.

She always felt sorry for her son who had to work hard.

Seeing her son choke on a fish bone, mother-in-law glared at her daughter-in-law with a burning face-2

Once, when I sat down to eat with my husband’s parents, that day I made fish soup for the whole family. However, while doing this, I have to watch the computer at the same time because I am talking to my boss, so it is likely that I have not filtered the fish carefully.

At mealtime, my husband was eating when he choked on a fish bone. I hurriedly took a glass of water for him to drink, but my mother-in-law smashed the chopsticks on the tray. At the same time, she also glared at me “burning face”. At that time, I only cared about my husband’s condition. It took about a minute for him to stop choking.

Not stopping, the mother-in-law also said: “Next time if you’re sloppy cooking like this, it’s best not to cook anymore. Let me do it all!”.

I can only bow my head, and my husband is also very shy. I find her mother-in-law to do this a bit harshly daughter-in-law. Anyway, I’m very obedient, it was just an accident just now. It’s always my fault.

How can I happily go through these months of living together? Seeing my friends getting married and being loved by the husband’s family makes me envious and jealous…

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