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‘Some schools do not recruit students according to the quota, unfair to candidates’

At the online conference on work Admissions On the afternoon of March 16, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thu Thuy, Director of the Higher Education Department, Ministry of Education and Training, mentioned a number of limitations in the enrollment work in 2021. She suggested higher education institutions take note to avoid a repeat in the 2022 enrollment season.

Accordingly, in 2021, there was a situation where a number of schools used multiple methods and combinations of admission tests for a major, but allocated the quotas inappropriately, or enrolled students not in accordance with the announced quotas for each field. recruitment method.

“This is unfair to candidates, causing bad consequences in public opinion”, Thuy said.

'Some schools do not enroll students according to the quota, unfair to candidates' - 1

Majors with low enrollment rates.

Besides, many schools apply many different enrollment methods but do not offer measures to ensure fairness among candidates; calling candidates for early admission without updating the data on the general system, leading to a large number of virtual candidates.

Ms. Thuy also pointed out the phenomenon of some schools declaring enrollment quotas inconsistent between systems, not following the plan, not having control over the pre-qualification conditions, so candidates who are not qualified still win. recruitment and must handle the problem after the candidate conducts admission.

In addition, some schools have not been able to predict the number of successful candidates, leading to the situation of enrollment exceeding the quota and wrong regulations. At the same time, many schools have not yet given forecasts and solutions to handle the situation where candidates with high scores are still not admitted, reporting the number of candidates that are still missing, or even not entering data. Incorrect time and structure specified.

The director of the Higher Education Department suggested that this year, schools need to make forecasts and solutions to deal with risks and errors in the enrollment process.

In 2021, the result of regular enrollment in the whole system is the highest ever, reaching 96.85% (in 2020 it will reach 83.86%).

The number of universities enrolling enough students reached 41.82% (33.95% in 2022). The matriculation score of the pedagogical block increased by 0.5 points, the percentage of successful candidates increased, the matriculation score of the health majors was more even than in previous years.

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