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Spending millions to buy oats to restore health after COVID-19, what is the most beneficial time to eat?

Two weeks ago, Phuong’s whole family (in Ha Dong, Hanoi) contracted COVID-19. Listen to some colleagues in the same office, eat oats helping to recover health quickly, avoiding sequelae, so even though her economic conditions are not very rich, Phuong still decided to spend more than 3 million dong to buy bird’s nest for the whole family to use.

However, she worked hard to pick up bird feathers and then cook them, but both her husband and two small children refused to cooperate, forcing them to eat only a few pieces. Unfortunately, it’s a waste of money, so Phuong alone has to eat the whole big bowl of oats. As a result, that night, her stomach was uncomfortable and restless.

Spending millions to buy oats to restore health after COVID-19, what is the most beneficial time to eat?  - Photo 1.

According to Oriental medicine, the bird’s nest has a sweet taste, is average, has the effect of nourishing yin, nourishing waste, eliminating phlegm, excepting cough and determining asthma. Therefore, bird’s nest is mainly used as food to supplement the body in cases of waste gas, bad yin, usually used for people with physical weakness, anorexia, insomnia, dry skin. , dry mouth.

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lam, former Deputy Director of the National Institute of Nutrition, bird’s nest is a nutritional product containing many micronutrients, a number of amino acids, in the saliva of oats also has some immune substances.

Therefore, this food has the effect of improving the body’s immune system to help the body fight off diseases as well as nourish it to recover quickly, especially those who have been infected with COVID-19.

However, experts recommend that although oats are good, they should not be abused to eat too much, which will cause bloating and indigestion. For those newly infected with COVID-19 should not be impatient to quickly get better, but too much nutrition will make the body not absorb it, which is both wasteful and easy to encounter unwanted effects that may occur.

In particular, for some people with fever, headache, cough with a lot of phlegm, skin infections, acute bronchitis … it is recommended not to use oats because then, the body is weak and cannot absorb the foods containing it. too much nutrients like bird’s nest, easy to make the disease worse.

Along with that, people who are suffering from bloating, abdominal distention, indigestion, abdominal pain, bowel movements, loose stools, cold body should not use oats to avoid aggravating symptoms.

For the elderly, the continuous use of bird’s nest will adversely affect the digestive system. Using bird’s nest in an unscientific way will make the elderly feel uncomfortable, bloated, and lead to many other consequences.

When is the best time to eat oats?

Many people believe that good bird nest should be eaten at any time, eat as much as possible. However, this notion is wrong. According to nutrition experts, with healthy people, regular consumption of oats may not affect too much.

However, for the elderly and patients undergoing treatment, eating too much bird’s nest will have a bad impact on the digestive system in particular and health in general. Therefore, the elderly and sick people should only eat oats 2-3 times a week.

The best time to eat oats is in the morning. This is when the body receives the best nutrients, so the precious substances in the bird’s nest will be maximally absorbed into the body, thereby promoting effective effects.

The use of oats after waking up will help the body be provided with abundant energy for activities throughout the day. In addition, you can also use bird’s nest 30 minutes to 1 hour before going to bed. Note, do not eat oats when you have just eaten.

Experts recommend that a patient with COVID-19 who wants to recover quickly needs to adhere to symptomatic treatment, exercise gently and have a reasonable diet, and eat a balanced diet of 4 food groups: starches. , protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Drink lots of water, eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

In case you want to supplement vitamins for the body, you can use some common types such as: Vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C … not necessarily spend too much money to buy expensive products.

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