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Tesla ‘displaces’ BMW in the high-end car segment in the US

Tesla once missed out on becoming the top US luxury car brand in 2021 when BMW retained its lead, but new figures show the company tram This is aiming for victory in 2022.

According to Experian, Tesla’s January registration sales jumped an impressive 49 percent year-over-year to a total of 37,162 vehicles. Meanwhile, BMW’s sales increased only 8.2% to 30,563 units.

Tesla 'overthrew' BMW in the high-end car segment in the US - 1

Tesla rose to No. 1 in luxury car sales in the US.

Tesla’s sales performance is particularly impressive as it only sells all-electric vehicles, while BMW’s figures, similar to products for other brands, also include motor vehicles. internal combustion and hybrid vehicles.

BMW will not be the manufacturer car Only disappointed with Experian’s latest data. The figures reveal that Lexus registrations fell 6% to 24,843 units in January, but the biggest drop was Mercedes, which saw 20% off sales to just 22,022 units.

Tesla 'displaces' BMW in the high-end car segment in the US - 2

The news that Tesla will lead the premium car segment is not a big surprise for Tesla or BMW. While BMW registered a total of 347,453 vehicles in 2021 compared to Tesla’s 342,412, the electric carmaker’s registrations were up 71% that year compared to 2020, but BMW was up only 24%. That is the strong momentum of Tesla in the face of increasing demand for electric vehicles, especially in the near future when fuel prices are skyrocketing.

According to Automotive News, Tesla has a number of advantages that could make 2022 a really good year, including a new factory in Texas (though it won’t be ready until the end of 2022). , plus plans to expand production at Fremont with a plant upgrade that allows up to 600,000 units a year to be produced.

Tesla 'overthrew' BMW in the high-end car segment in the US - 3

Tesla’s factory is under construction in Texas (USA).

Other interesting points from Experian’s figures include a 62% increase in electrified vehicle registrations in January. Electric cars contributed to 50,384 new cars, accounting for 4.3% of the market, and among them, 18,549 vehicles were Tesla Model Y, which is currently the most favorite electric car model among Americans. The Tesla Model 3 (13,604) and Model S (3,903) took the second and third places, while the Mustang Mach-E was in fourth place with 2,781 buyers.

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