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The 3 “Ps” of education ensure students’ right to learn

On March 11, Education and Training Minister Nguyen Kim Son and Deputy Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Huu Do chaired an online conference with localities on continuing the implementation of the 2018 General Education Program.

Attending at the bridge point of the Ministry of Education and Training were representatives of leaders of departments, agencies and units under the Ministry. Chaired at 63 local bridge points with leaders: Provincial People’s Committee, Department of Education and Training and relevant units under the Department; leaders of a number of relevant departments, departments and branches.

Many proactive solutions to overcome difficulties from the local

The exchange of localities at the Conference showed their determination and efforts in implementing the new program. Accordingly, focus on ensuring conditions of facilities, teachers, selection of textbooks, development of local educational materials…

The three

View of the Conference at the bridge point of the Ministry of Education and Training

Lam Thi Sang, Director of the Bac Lieu Department of Education, Science and Technology, said that at the beginning of the implementation of the 2018 General Education Program in the province, there were some difficulties. However, with the timely attention of the Ministry of Education and Training, the locality quickly came up with solutions to overcome.

Regarding staff preparation, Bac Lieu basically ensures sufficient quantity and structure for teachers to teach grades 1, 2 and 6. Teachers are trained according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Training and have basically kept up with the requirements. implementation of the Program.

Bac Lieu province has taken steps to select books in accordance with the direction of the Ministry of Education and Training and the Provincial People’s Committee. According to the teachers’ evaluation, the selected books are being deployed smoothly at the school, the accessibility, awareness, and final results of the students have all improved compared to the implementation of the 2006 Program. in the respective grades.

In Ha Tinh, information from Mr. Nguyen Quoc Anh, Deputy Director of the Department of Education and Training, said that despite the epidemic conditions, the 2018 General Education Program in the province was implemented relatively smoothly. The province has provided nearly 200 billion dong to purchase teaching and learning equipment; ensure enough teachers of Foreign Languages ​​and Informatics to implement the new program for the next 3rd grade.

Ha Tinh at the same time reviewed the contingent of junior high school teachers with university degrees; work with local higher education institutions to coordinate teaching of 10th grade Music and Fine Arts. Book selection and compilation of local educational materials in the province are on schedule…

With Quang Tri, many synchronous solutions have been implemented to implement the 2018 General Education Program. According to Director of the Department of Education and Training Le Thi Huong, the locality has strongly directed and thoroughly grasped the guiding documents of the Central Government. central government, especially the guidance of the Ministry of Education and Training, then concretized by a system of guiding documents; Therefore, educational institutions are convenient in deployment.

When organizing the implementation, with many synchronous solutions, from training teachers, choosing textbooks, compiling local educational materials, organizing teaching, investing in facilities… are quite effective.

In addition to the advantages and results achieved, the sharing of the localities also shows that most of the provinces have difficulties when there is a lack of sources to recruit Informatics, English (Primary) teachers; Arts (Music, Fine Arts) at the high school level. In many places, especially in disadvantaged areas, facilities, equipment, teaching facilities, laboratory equipment… are still lacking, some schools do not have subject classrooms; In many schools, teaching equipment is incomplete and asynchronous.

Regarding the selection of textbooks, some localities said that funding arrangements and regimes for the selection of textbooks have not been made; There are no Music and Fine Arts teachers participating in selecting textbooks… Some localities have difficulties in compiling local education materials…

Facing these difficulties, localities said that they have actively advised the People’s Committee to increase investment in facilities, equipment, and teaching aids in the direction of meeting national standards, meeting the requirements of changing standards. new. At the same time, continue to advise the Provincial People’s Committee to build and recruit staff in the direction of ensuring sufficient number and reasonable subject structure.

In which, prioritizing staffing to recruit teachers for new subjects at the lower secondary and upper secondary levels to promptly meet the recruitment sources according to the renovation roadmap of the 2018 General Education Program. Actively fostering a contingent of teachers and administrators, focusing on promoting training to meet training standards. The organization of inter-school teachers is also being implemented effectively in some places.

Ensuring students’ right to study

At the Conference, local proposals and recommendations focused on issues related to the teaching staff; service facilities, teaching and learning equipment to implement the new program; selection of textbooks; compilation and printing of local education documents… have been exchanged and answered by representatives of leaders of relevant departments and departments of the Ministry of Education and Training.

The three

Deputy Minister Nguyen Huu Do speaks at the Conference

Emphasizing the three “Ps” of education are: Social development – Social service – Social welfare and the view that “under any circumstances, there must be enough teachers to ensure students’ right to learn.” students”, Deputy Minister Nguyen Huu Do noted that localities need to pay attention to ensure that there are enough teachers to meet the requirements of implementing a new general education program, especially teachers of Foreign Languages ​​and Informatics in schools. 3rd grade, Music, Fine Arts in 10th grade from the school year 2022-2023. Apply possible solutions to meet this requirement, from recruiting, contracting, visiting, seconding…

Also related to the teaching staff, the Deputy Minister said that the locality should have a mechanism to regulate inter-school teachers; formulating regimes and policies for inter-school teachers; supporting and creating the most favorable conditions for teachers, ensuring that there are enough staff to meet the learning requirements of students. The education and training side will direct the pedagogical schools to organize industry codes and train teachers to teach subjects to meet actual needs.

Regarding the selection of textbooks, the Deputy Minister requested implementation of transparency, objectivity and fairness; ensure fairness in access to book sets; respect professional opinions from the grassroots in order to choose a set of books suitable to local and school conditions. Provincial People’s Committees promote the sense of responsibility to select textbooks in accordance with the spirit of Circular 25 of the Ministry of Education and Training.

Completing local educational materials and organizing teaching of local educational content; develop a plan to organize teaching at educational institutions, especially combinations of selected subjects in grade 10 and make them public; ensuring the conditions of facilities and teaching equipment to serve the implementation of the new program, including a computer room for teaching Informatics, etc. was also noted by Deputy Minister Nguyen Huu Do.

Need to calculate the total for many years

Concluding the meeting, Minister Nguyen Kim Son emphasized the context, importance and significance of the implementation of the 2018 general education program – one of the most important stages of fundamental innovation. comprehensive education and training in the spirit of Resolution 29.

The 3

Minister Nguyen Kim Son delivered the concluding speech of the Conference

Accordingly, this is a very profound and comprehensive innovation, transforming in both approach, orientation and philosophy. Innovation happens at a very fast pace, with a wide scope. The expectations of the Party and the people are very high. But it was conducted in the context of difficult and lacking financial and human resources, in the context of the Education sector being heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, leading to fluctuating and changing human resources. …

Clarifying these, the Minister at the same time said that the recent implementation has shown the great determination of the whole industry. “The localities have been very involved, very understanding, the education sector has also been very determined. This is remarkable,” the Minister said.

In order to prepare the conditions for the implementation of the program in the long term, the Minister suggested that local leaders direct the Department of Education and Training to have overall advice, not only for the 2022-2023 school year but also fully calculate the parts. work for the following years. Because with the speed of rolling out very quickly, if you only care for one year, the difficulties will increase faster in the following years. Right now, localities must see the entire problem of facilities, teachers, and other conditions until the 2024-2025 school year – the year of implementation in the final classes for specific advice. , avoid seeing where to go to consult there.

Regarding the selection of textbooks, the Minister noted, the common spirit is to try to ensure the selection of specialists from educational institutions, bring into play the voice of those who directly teach, and at the same time promote Understand the meaning of having multiple sets of textbooks through the fact that teachers can choose one to use but can refer to many books. The Minister also wished that educational institutions and teachers in the process of selecting books and teaching new textbooks should soon have official opinions on the Ministry of Education and Training.

Faced with the fact that the shortage of teachers was raised by many localities at the Conference, the Minister said that, with its responsibilities, the Ministry of Education and Training is actively working with competent authorities to have teacher quotas, review policies and mechanisms to remove obstacles for teacher recruitment. The ministry will also direct pedagogical schools in teacher training.

For localities, the Minister suggested that local leaders pay attention, make the most of and combine measures, from having targets for additional recruitment, using the local budget for contracts, to arranging inter-school teaching. … Among the initial solutions to solve the shortage of teachers, continuing to strengthen online teaching, teaching via television, using electronic lectures, promoting digital transformation… is the solution proposed by the Minister note the local implementation. However, a certain number of teachers will still be needed – in this regard, the Minister said, the Ministry of Education and Training will soon have detailed instructions.

With the problem of facilities, the Minister suggested that localities use total measures to handle this problem. As for the procurement of teaching equipment, the Minister assigned specialized units of the Ministry of Finance to work with the Ministry of Finance to set a price bracket for equipment in the list of equipment prescribed by the Ministry. This is something that needs to be done soon in order to remove difficulties for localities in purchasing teaching equipment and serving the renovation of general education.

Discussing the current topical issue of epidemic prevention and returning students to face-to-face learning, the Minister suggested that localities persist in their goal of returning students to school as soon as possible. To do this, it is necessary to closely monitor the epidemic situation to take timely measures. In places where the epidemic broke out strongly, students switched to online learning, but no matter how much the epidemic subsided, it mobilized students to go back to school. The local education sector needs to coordinate with the health sector to implement it in a calm, practical, and safe manner. At the same time, continue to promote the fastest progress in vaccination for children aged 5-11.

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