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The best beer garden in Tuy Hoa Gozo Brew House is ready to welcome visitors

At the beginning of March 2021, Stelia Beach Resort in Phu Yen has just successfully completed the Record-setting ceremony for the largest bamboo house project in Vietnam: Gozo Brew House.

With a total area of ​​up to 1,900 m2 and a unique architectural block, Gozo Brew House restaurant – belonging to the Stelia Beach Resort system (Viet Beach House Investment & Business Joint Stock Company), has officially set a Vietnamese record with the category: Bamboo restaurant has the largest area in Vietnam since June 10, 2021.

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The representative of the Vietnam Book of Records awarded the certificate confirming the record for the largest bamboo restaurant in Vietnam to the representative of Gozo Brew House Phu Yen.

Stelia Beach Resort – Mediterranean style in the heart of Vietnam’s coastal city

Known as a complex of resorts possessing a diverse ecosystem from 5-star luxury accommodation services, culinary quintessence to health and fitness spa, Stelia Beach Resort makes an impression. with pure natural beauty in harmony with the typical Santorini architectural style of the Mediterranean.

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The entire Stelia Beach Resort from above.

Gozo Brew House Bamboo Restaurant – the heart of Phu Yen’s marine tourism industry

Gozo Brew House is a space boldly intersecting Mediterranean architectural styles and ancient Vietnamese villages.

With the main materials being bamboo, rattan, and nipa leaves, it brings a sense of connection between people and nature, leading to a harmonious transition between the purity and spaciousness of the outer space with sophistication and minimalism. and comfort of the interior.

Those are long airy corridors with thatched roofs designed with the image of a kite facing the sea, implying that they are ready to welcome the proud winds from the ocean, to fly high and far away.

The name of the bamboo restaurant Gozo Brew House is inspired by the island of Gozo of the island nation of Malta in the Mediterranean region, which preserves the world’s oldest free-standing structures and female Greek myths. The god Calypso and the hero of Troy – Odyssey.

In harmony with the overall architecture, Gozo Brew House bamboo restaurant is located in the heart of the Stelia Brew House resort complex, overlooking Nghinh Phong square and the wide coastline, where you can watch the romantic sunset afternoon. romantic and immersed in the characteristic chill of dawn at sea every day.

This is also one of the many reasons why tourists from near and far always prefer to choose Stelia Beach Resort as their vacation destination.

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Bringing environmental factors associated with business philosophy

Tourism means representing the culture of an entire nation. Therefore, how to develop tourism but still have to be associated with the responsibility of protecting the environment and spreading the good values ​​of the nation, this is the core thing.“, the representative of Stelia Beach Resort confirmed.

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High-class service in Stelia Beach Resort Phu Yen.

Indeed, with Gozo Brew House bamboo restaurant, Stelia Beach Resort and a team of hundreds of experts and architects have devoted a lot of enthusiasm from design, operation to project development since 2018. Decision Using bamboo as the main material in construction and design, this is considered a challenge for the Gozo Brew House project.

Because it is located in the central coastal region, where every year is directly affected by natural disasters, it is difficult for a design without steel and concrete structures to last.

But with determination and limitless creativity, Gozo Brew House’s team of experts succeeded in building a frame from more than 40,000 cycads with a solid structure. Coordination with many other natural materials has solved the difficult “problem” entrusted by Stealia Resort Beach’s management.

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The restaurant used more than 40,000 sturgeon trees, and tens of thousands of water coconut leaves.

With the front facing the sea, the round roof design embracing the cool breezes of the ocean, Gozo Brew House bamboo restaurant is in the perfect location for guests to enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful sunset from any place. any area in the restaurant.

Besides the unique architecture, Gozo Brew House is also famous as Tuy Hoa’s best draft beer restaurant with hundreds of premium draft beers from all over the world. In the near future, Gozo Brew House bamboo restaurant will directly cook and produce draft beer according to modern technology lines from Europe right at the restaurant.

This new tourism model will bring visitors excellent quality beer bottles and new experiences when they can directly visit the cooking and production model.

At Gozo Brew House bamboo restaurant, guests can enjoy famous beer flavors, taste famous specialties from all over the world, and immerse in the sound of waves lapping against the sand in the midst of light sunsets. gently dyeing the sky red, the light gradually receding to give way to the night, all have created an extremely poetic scene that makes anyone fall in love.

With a prime location, unique architecture and located in a diverse ecosystem, Gozo Brew House bamboo restaurant converges all the factors to become the “soul” of Phu Yen beach tourism in the near future.

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