The car hit the pepper pole, the ward chairman was hospitalized

The car was running on the Vinh – Cua Lo route, suddenly crashed and broke a roadside pillar, then crashed into an electric pole when it was thrown upside down on the road…

A traffic accident just happened at about 20:30 on March 15 on the Vinh – Cua Lo route in the territory of Nghi Xuan commune, Nghi Loc district, Nghe An province; location occurs accident The road is wide, empty and has street lights.

The car crashed and broke the pepper pole, the ward president was hospitalized - 1
The 7-seater car was deformed after the accident

The accident happened when the 7-seater car was moving in the direction from Cua Lo town to Vinh city. The car crashed into a pillar on the side of the road and continued to crash into a light pole before being overturned in the middle of the road.

Discovering the accident, many people immediately came to help and took the victim out. The collision caused the car to deform, people had to break the window to save it victim Get out and take to the emergency room.

The victim was identified as Mr. LTG – Chairman of Nghi Hoa ward, Cua Lo town.

According to the People’s Police

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