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The couple left the street to return to their hometown to create a clean vegetable garden

Leaving the city of Phoenix, Arizona, USA to return to the countryside, the life of a young couple Brandon and Alyssa is extremely interesting when every day, they always have stories about gardening, taking care of trees, choosing Choose new varieties and spread that wonderful love to everyone around.


Young couple Brandon and Alyssa feel happy, happy with their choice.


Together they improve the garden soil.


Inspire everyone.


Peaceful moment in the garden.

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The space is filled with clean vegetables.

Initially, the planting place of Brandon and Alyssa selected in a rural area in the state of Arizona, USA was quite large but mainly perennial plants. They decided to improve the land, remove the trees that are not worth using.

Instead, they grow fruit trees and green vegetables. They are very interested in sharing their meaningful joy-filled life with everyone around them. Therefore, in addition to online channels, they also take the time, open the door to welcome those who want to visit the garden and are always ready to share their gardening experience.

The principle of gardening and planting of the couple Brandon and Alyssa is to respect nature. They rely on nature, in the season to plant trees that are suitable for the weather, on nature to provide nutrients for plants, and also rely on nature to help plants prevent diseases.


Peaceful little corners.

The garden of the couple Brandon and Alyssa makes many people love and admire when all year round, they seem to have no need to worry about food and food. Besides, the vegetables and herbs are getting better and better thanks to their experience multiplied over time.

Brandon and Alyssa are like other true gardeners, when they first created their garden, they always faced many difficulties. They may be discouraged at times, but they never feel like they don’t want to move on. All difficulties and challenges to help them harden their legs, make every day effort to deserve to receive countless interesting gifts of nature.

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Gardening is like a great lesson plan. There they can show their love and respect for nature as well as inspire those around them. Their gardening knowledge is the “secret” of spreading good things, helping them to always feel that life is full of interesting things and filled with meaningful surprises. book-book-20220314145116471.chn

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