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The girl caught the pervert thanks to a very smart action-Young man

Wednesday, March 16, 2022 14:06 PM (GMT+7)

The girl discovered something like a camera phone in the bathroom but didn’t panic, but did something that made the bad guy caught.

A few days ago, a Singapore court heard the case of a 31-year-old man who harassed women by secretly filming. The identities of the accused and the victim were not released to ensure privacy.

The defendant said he began performing perverted acts during a visit to his sister-in-law’s house. At that time, the sister who had put on a thin towel opened the door for the man. After entering the house, he immediately put a pen with a micro camera into the bathroom to secretly film his sister-in-law.

Seeing that his behavior was not detected, the defendant bought a few more micro-cameras and then secretly put them in the toothbrush basket of the second sister-in-law. The entire scene of personal hygiene or bathing of the two sisters-in-law was recorded by the camera.

Without stopping, the defendant continued to play tricks by hiding in the company’s women’s restroom, when he saw someone entering the next room, he opened the camera on his phone and then slipped through the partition to secretly film from the bottom up.

Because the incident was not revealed, he did it continuously from day to month. The defendant started doing the act of sneaking in 2017 but was not discovered until 2022. That day, he wanted to secretly film a female colleague, but the girl seemed to sense something unusual, looked down and found something like a phone camera in the toilet brush.

To avoid being harmed by the bad guys, the girl pretended not to see, calmly walked out of the restroom and reported the incident to her superiors. The leader decided to check the company’s surveillance camera and saw the defendant come out of the toilet.

The girl caught the pervert thanks to a very smart action - 1

The girl discovered the camera-like object in the toilet brush and calmly went out and reported it to her superior. (Illustration)

Knowing about the incident, the police summoned the accused to work. At first, he denied and argued that he had a stomachache, while in an emergency, he had to temporarily use the women’s restroom. However, before the irrefutable evidence, he had to bow his head to admit the act of secretly filming a female colleague.

The defendant testified that he installed a micro camera in the toilet brush to avoid detection. He waited for the female colleague to come out of the toilet before entering to collect the evidence. Unexpectedly, the whole perverted behavior was recorded by the surveillance camera.

In September 2018, the defendant was arrested by another woman at the battle. However, this person only asked him to delete his video and not report it to the police. After this incident, the defendant continued to secretly record about 110 videos under women’s skirts and upload them online.

Conducting a search of the defendant’s home, the police discovered that he had secretly filmed many women and stored them in laptops, USB sticks, and memory cards in different places. He operates in many locations such as schools, parks, supermarkets, bus stations to avoid suspicion.

The trick to film under his skirt is usually to pretend to drop his wallet, and when he bends down to pick it up, he can secretly film the victim. It is known that the defendant will continue to appear in court next month.

Before that, a similar incident happened at a company in Singapore. Balasingam-Chow Yu Hui (44 years old, head of the company’s technology department) intended to secretly film female colleagues by mounting a camera in the women’s restroom, but the “amateur” implementation made the plot fast. quickly revealed.

Specifically, at 8:30 a.m. on June 25, 2019, Balasingam-Chow Yu Hui attached a tiny camera with a rainbow stripe on the side to the ceiling of the female restroom at the company. However, the camera quickly fell to the toilet floor within 30 minutes of mounting and was picked up by a female employee.

It wasn’t until a colleague plugged a camera into his computer to see what was inside, that Balasingam-Chow Yu Hui confessed that he had installed the camera in the women’s restroom. He said he came up with the perverted intention after watching videos on social networks, platforms like YouTube.

A total of five videos were found in the camera, including one showing Balasingam-Chow Yu Hui installing the device in the toilet. Fortunately, there is no video recording the female employee in the company going to the toilet, it seems that the camera has not been able to work before it fell.

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