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The moment Meghan “drops her mask” with a scary expression in the middle of a friend’s wedding makes Harry embarrassed

On March 14, the famous body language expert Jesus Enrique Rozas made an attention-grabbing analysis of a series of photos from the past when Meghan Markle Go with Prince Harry to his best friend’s wedding.

Accordingly, in March 2017, Harry and Meghan, then a newlywed couple, went to Jamaica together to attend the wedding of the British prince’s best friend, Tom ‘Skippy’ Inskip. The two and their friends enjoyed relaxing moments in a beautiful resort near the sea.

The moment Meghan

Harry and Meghan attended their 2017 wedding.

At the event, the paparazzi captured a series of moments when Meghan, Harry and another friend sat talking and sipping drinks by the beach. However, according to body language expert Jesus, some images have revealed the true nature of the Duchess of Sussex.

This expert analyzed a picture of Meghan showing an annoyed face with clenched teeth, her fingers showing her displeasure and comfort. According to Jesus, apparently, on Harry’s happy day, sitting among their friends, Meghan also did not care at all about people around. The Duchess seems to be focused only on her own world.

The moment Meghan

The moment with Meghan’s somewhat scary face.

In addition, Mr. Jesus also analyzed a photo of the moment Meghan expressed her dissatisfaction with a waiter. Her sharp eyes and hand posture show that Meghan is pressing and “ordering” the male waiter to do as she pleases. Harry stood next to his girlfriend, who could only bow his head, purse his lips, and say nothing.

The moment Meghan

Meghan is showing her displeasure with the waiter.

Besides, Mr. Jesus also pointed out that Harry was completely “controlled” by Meghan and he did not look comfortable at his friend’s wedding. One moment shows the duchess throwing a “sparkling” look as Harry turns to speak to a friend.

The moment Meghan

Meghan’s unhappy look.

It can be said that, during the time of sitting at the table enjoying drinks, Meghan always clearly shows discomfort and Harry reveals a sad, bored face, no longer seeing the sense of humor as before. .

According to body language expert Jesus, it’s not clear what makes Meghan so scowling. However, if you are a delicate and profound person, surely the former American actor will know how to keep moderation, create a harmonious and happy atmosphere, especially when this is the wedding of your best friend Prince Harry.

Many internet users also agreed to support the opinion of expert Jesus. They believe that Meghan has a less subtle way of dealing when she doesn’t care about other people’s feelings and just wants everything around her. The Sussexes did not comment on the analysis above.

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Harry became quieter.

Source: Youtube, Daily Mail luc-20220315194050059.chn

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