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The mysteriously missing female student and the tearful reading text

Mar 16, 2022 09:44 GMT+7

After dinner, the CTNA female student mysteriously disappeared, then the family received a heartbreaking text message believed to have been sent by NA.

On the morning of March 16, a relative of CTNA girl (SN 2006, residing in Xuan An town, Nghi Xuan district, Ha Tinh province) worriedly said that she had not been able to contact this female student.

Before that, on March 15, after returning home from school and having dinner with her family, A. suddenly disappeared. The family searched and called many times but to no avail. At 20:53 on the same day, the family received heartbreaking text messages believed to be from A..

The mysteriously missing female student and the tearful reading message line - 1

NA’s picture and the message line left for the family to read with tears (Photo: provided by the family).

“Mom, it’s time for me to go, mother. I’m sorry, I didn’t fulfill my filial piety. My illness is getting worse and worse, and I can’t live much longer. I only have a short time to live. In that short period of time, I want to work and earn money as a filial piety to my parents. Please don’t look for me. I’m so sorry to you. Maybe by the time you read these messages, then maybe you’re not here anymore”, this is the content believed to be from NA texting to the family.

According to his family, A. is studying in grade 10; Before the incident, this girl did not show any unusual symptoms.

“I have kidney disease, my family is also arranging to take me to check and treat. Now I have lost contact, the family is very worried. Currently, the family has reported to the local government for help, at the same time, post information on social networks to ask the community for quick support to search,” said Mrs. Le Thi Hong (SN 1968, NA’s mother) worriedly.

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