The “new” female tycoon showed off spending nearly 4 billion to buy a diamond ring, but the main thing was to get Ngoc Trinh to ship directly.

Recently, a Tiktok account posted a clip that caused a stir in the online community with the status line: “Spend 4 billion to get Ngoc Trinh to ship the ring”.

This really makes a lot of people curious, because I don’t know who this giant woman is, but she is willing to spend and play like that, spending billions just to meet the idol Ngoc Trinh?


A few days ago, the girl posted information that she needed to find the same item as the giant woman in District 7

Previously, this female giant posted a desire to find a heart-shaped diamond ring like Di Bang. Fortunately, this ring Ngoc Trinh is the owner. And so she quickly contacted Ngoc Trinh to own this ring and wear it with Di Bang.

After being shipped by the famous supermodel Vbiz, this giant woman couldn’t help but be happy, put “everything” on the TikTok page and attracted a lot of attention from the public.

The 4 billion label stirs up social media

Netizens could not help but give mixed opinions.

“Are you always bragging?”

“If you’re miserable, just watch it, but why don’t you see that you guys just hold a grudge against people so if you like it, then watch it if you don’t, then stop watching and then talk.”

“Let’s all PR each other. I thought meeting celebrities was free. Pay the commission fee. Go up and take a few pictures and then go home”.

“I see you guys are very rich!”

“I wish I had a small part of you. I wish you were rich!”.

“If women are still envious of each other, when will men be able to respect women again!”

“It’s true that with money, you can’t bother other people!”

“Ignore people, people will buy them if they have money. If you don’t take money, you won’t say. Ignore people, if you say anything, just buy it!”.

“Anyone who is a connoisseur of diamonds can tell right away whether it’s real or fake, these three mixed diamonds are called diamonds, but what kind of lady is this!”.


According to research, this is a fangirl named Pham Bao Han – a person who has a luxurious and rich life and she lives in the coastal city of Nha Trang. Recently, the owner of this account also fulfilled his wish to meet idols Doan Di Bang, Ngoc Trinh and posted a photo of a luxurious status update, a philosophy all the way.


Notably, not only buying branded bags, diamonds … this giant woman also revealed that her husband is also ordering a Panamera with seats up to 15 billion more to look like Doan Di Bang.


More impressively, this giant woman also said that she likes to shop like Di Bang. In addition to the car, Bao Han also buys clothes, goes to resorts, buys jewelry, and stays at hotels like the stylish owner Di Bang.

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According to Nguyen Khanh An

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