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The people of Moscow hunt for brands that are temporarily closed in Russia

Atrium shopping center in Moscow has been full of people these days. Fashion chain Uniqlo, owned by Fast Retailing Group, said it will temporarily suspend operations in Russia due to… Russia-Ukraine conflict.

This is a “surprise turn” from the Japanese brand when just early last week, the founder of Fast Retailing also strongly asserted that clothing is a “necessity of life” and that Russians have a “right to live”. like us”.

Mr. Yaroslav – Moscow resident said: “It’s too bad that when brands stop selling in Russia, a lot of people will lose their jobs, this situation is terrible. I hope everything will change and come back soon. normal”.

The list of international companies gradually “migrating” out of Russia is getting longer and longer. Apple and Nike have also closed stores, while automakers including BMW AG and General Motors have suspended deliveries.

Not only fashion and consumer brands announced their withdrawal from Russia, many other names such as McDonald’s fast food also announced the closure of 850 fast branches in the country. Many people even queued to buy mcdonal’s hamburger one last time. Starbucks and Coca-Cola have reacted similarly.

This wave has reversed three decades of active investment by Western businesses and foreign enterprises another into Russia. Therefore, before the issues on the Russia-Ukraine negotiation table have not had positive results, Russian people now only have to prioritize buying items they like to keep as souvenirs.

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