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The plan to drill the deepest hole ever, unleashing infinite energy

According to the New York Post, the Boston-based Quaise energy company (USA) said it wanted to use an advanced drilling method based on technology developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to harness the Earth’s natural geothermal energy. Specifically, the company wants to drill deep into the Earth’s interior, up to the rock layer with a temperature as high as 500 degrees Celsius. If the project is successful, the result will be an infinite renewable energy source for humanity.

“Geothermal energy does not require any gas and produces no waste. This source of energy is truly renewable, abundant for everyone, even in the most challenging energy environments.”the company website writes.

The plan to drill the deepest hole ever, release infinite energy - 1

The company will drill deep into the center of the Earth, down to the core layer with a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius. (Artwork)

Up to now, the deepest hole man has ever drilled is 12.2 km deep in a 20-year project.

Quaise describes the rig, which uses a traditional rotary head to penetrate soft material and high-energy beams to melt harder layers of soil, they can drill 20 kilometers deep in just 100 days. A depth of 20 km can help the world easily access long-term green energy.

According to Carlos Araque – CEO and co-founder of Quaise, although solar and wind energy are more easily accessible, the problem is that “there is not enough energy to supply humanity”. Geothermal energy will act as “a solution that can replace up to 95% of gas”.

Having received more than $64 million in funding, Quaise expects the drilling project to be implemented in the next two years. By 2028, the company also hopes to be able to convert coal and gas power plants into steam-fuelled facilities.

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