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Thin Lo Duc Pho is back to the price of 80,000 VND/bowl

After much controversy about the price of 90,000 VND / bowl, Pho Thin Lo Duc brought the price to 80,000 VND but still caused a stir in public opinion.

After a series of controversies about the price of a bowl of Pho Thin up to 90,000 VND/bowl, recently, the social network shared a post about the information that Pho Thin has brought the price to 80,000 VND/bowl of pho.

This person said that the current price of a bowl of pho here is 80,000 VND, the quality of pho is still the same, nothing more special. The shop is quite empty, so you don’t have to wait in line like before.

Still with the multiplication table, Thin Lo Duc pho is about 80,000 VND/bowl-1

Still in the style of “multiplication table”, the calculation of the cost of Thin Pho from 1 to many bowls is carefully multiplied, divided, and subtracted by the owner in turn.

As can be seen, the “Nine Chapters” board is located at the top of the shop. In turn, the calculations from 1 to 19 bowls of pho multiplied by 80,000 VND (equivalent to 1 bowl of pho) are listed in detail, customers pay accordingly.

Besides the appearance of a price list with a special style that attracts viewers, everyone is interested in the price. Many people think that this price is still too high for a bowl of pho.

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