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Trieu Lo Tu shows off her “extreme” beauty, is it still a “copy of Trieu Le Dinh”?

In the Chinese entertainment industry today, there are many beauties with beautiful and outstanding beauty. But very few people are appreciated for the beauty of a bare face like Trieu Lo Tu. In addition to his career, Trieu Lo Tu’s bare face is always a topic that is widely sold by the public.

Trieu Lo Tu is one of the few beauties who likes to wear bare faces when going down the street. Even when going to the carpet or participating in events, beautiful people often prefer extremely gentle and pure makeup. That’s why Trieu Lo Tu is known as “the bare-faced saint”.

Recently, Trieu Lo Tu “treats” fans with a series of portraits showing off his “extreme” beauty. In the new series of pictures, “Tieu Trieu Le Dinh” makeup is extremely light and sweet, standard “youth goddess”. This image is completely different from Trieu Lo Tu’s somewhat rebellious style in the previous set of photos.

Trieu Lo Tu - Photo 1.

Trieu Lo Tu shows off her sweet and irresistible beauty.

Trieu Lo Tu - Photo 2.

Trieu Lo Tu only needs this gentle makeup to make fans praising.

Trieu Lo Tu’s appearance has become more and more fragrant over time.

Trieu Lo Tu - Photo 4.

If at the beginning of the profession, Trieu Lo Tu had a round appearance, now the beauty has a slim and elegant figure.

Trieu Lo Tu - Photo 5.

With this beauty, perhaps now, no one can call Trieu Lo Tu a “copy of Trieu Le Dinh” anymore.

Trieu Lo Tu - Photo 6.

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