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Trieu Van and Lu Bu fight “1 against 1”, who will win?

During the Three Kingdoms period, Zhuge Liang was undoubtedly the most talented conspirator. At first, Liu Bei was completely empty-handed, even his position in the eyes of the vassals did not exist, all his later career had to rely on Zhuge Liang, from which he grasped the vast Jiangshan.

But when it comes to the most powerful martial arts general in the Three Kingdoms, no one can say exactly because the outstanding generals in this period are countless.

Trieu Van and Lu Bu fight

In particular, Lu Bo is a general recognized by many with the title “first god general”. But if you think more carefully, Lu Bu has no achievements that are considered famous or shocking. Then the title “first god general” for Lu Bo is not convincing enough, cannot prove his strength properly.

After Lu Bu’s death, the Three Kingdoms appeared a martial arts genius, never knowing what failure was, fully capable of dueling with Lu Bo, that was Trieu Van.

Trieu Van and Lu Bu fight

In “Three Kingdoms”, Trieu Van, also known as Trieu Tu Long, is known as the “commander of victory”, fighting with swords all his life but without a scar, since childhood passionate martial arts and is not afraid to rush into dangerous places to perfect himself.

Not only brave, Trieu Van also has the virtue of loyalty, always thinking about the world. It can be seen that Trieu Van in the Three Kingdoms period was the presence of a perfect martial arts general from martial arts to qualities.

Trieu Van’s life has been through countless battles, in which the Battle of Truong Ban is considered the most dangerous and large-scale war that Trieu Van has ever participated in.

The Battle of Truong Ban was extremely fierce. Liu Bei’s subordinates were beaten by Cao Cao and no longer had any armor, and was defeated miserably. Even Luu Bei’s wife, Lady Cam and Lady My, and their son Luu Thien were all lost during the siege.

At that time, to protect the son of master Liu Bei, Trieu Van had to face Cao Cao’s army of millions of soldiers. It was dangerous, but Trieu Van still defied all 7 times to rush into the middle of the army to find Luu Thien.

At this time, the leader of Cao’s army, Cao Cao, was standing on a high mountain to observe the battle, seeing the mighty Trieu Van fighting alone among hundreds of millions of enemy troops without flinching. Immediately after, Cao Cao exclaims a sentence: “I thought Lu Bu was the strongest man, but I didn’t expect that after he died, this world would appear a martial arts general even more powerful than him.”

Trieu Van and Lu Bu fight

From Cao Cao’s words, we can understand that Trieu Van’s strength has surpassed Lu Bu.

In fact, not only Cao Cao gave praise to Trieu Van, but even Liu Bei was constantly in awe. After learning that Trieu Van sacrificed himself into the sea of ​​enemies to find his wife and children, Luu Bei exclaimed: “Tzu Long is indeed braver than people.”

Therefore, Trieu Van’s martial arts and will is not inferior to Lu Bo’s, even surpassing it with the addition of the “brave and perfect intellect”.

From that, it can be said that if Trieu Van and Lu Bu fight directly, Trieu Van can win.

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