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Two flights sponsored by Sun Group bring nearly 600 Vietnamese people home from Ukraine

The first two flights with the full sponsorship of Sun Group, operated by the national airline – Vietnam Airlines implemented, brought nearly 600 Vietnamese citizens and family members in Ukraine from Poland and Romania back safely on March 13.

These are two flights that were deployed right after the signing ceremony of cooperation to support the transport of Vietnamese citizens and family members from the Ukraine war zone back home between Sun Group and Vietnam Airlines on March 10. in response to the Government’s policy and the Prime Minister’s call to organize flights to quickly remove Vietnamese citizens from dangerous areas in Ukraine.

Two flights sponsored by Sun Group bring nearly 600 Vietnamese people home from Ukraine - 1

People line up to board a rescue flight at Warsaw airport, Poland.

The cost of these flights is fully sponsored by Sun Group with the most preferential prices offered by Vietnam Airlines. Vietnamese citizens and family members in Ukraine who wish to repatriate can be transported to Vietnam completely free of charge, without paying any costs.

The Vietnamese embassies in Poland and Romania have coordinated with Vietnamese associations to bring people to the airport, send staff to support necessary procedures and work closely with local authorities to create favorable conditions. favorable conditions for people to return home.

Under the direction and urgent support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Vietnamese embassies in Poland and Romania, flight from Poland with number VN58 departed from Warsaw airport at 16:00 on March 12, brought 288 Vietnamese people and family members to Noi Bai airport at 9:30 am (Vietnam time) on March 13.

Right after that, the flight from Romania with number VN68 departing at 19:20 on March 12, picking up 291 Vietnamese citizens and family members, also landed at Noi Bai Airport at 11h00 (Vietnam time). March 13th. The vast majority of passengers on these two special flights are children, the elderly, pregnant women, people with underlying medical conditions and difficult circumstances.

To ensure the flight is deployed quickly and smoothly, Vietnam Airlines has arranged experienced flight crews who have participated in many flights to protect Vietnamese citizens from countries with epidemics and conflicts. The flight consisted of a crew of 5, including 3 captains, 2 co-pilots and a crew of 12.

The special guests on the two flights are served with main meals and snacks, with full of nutrients. Meals are prepared by Vietnam Airlines from Vietnam, with some typical dishes of the homeland, such as a warm welcome to the compatriots upon boarding the flight back home. To ensure safety against the epidemic before, during and after the flight, Vietnam Airlines also actively prepares masks and propagates and guides passengers to seriously implement 5K.

Stepping down from Noi Bai airport on the morning of March 13, Mr. Pham Nguyen Dinh Tung (Hung Yen) is still emotional: “After Tet, I had just been to Kharkov for 2 days, when the situation in Ukraine became tense. We stayed at Times Village for 5 days, then decided to move to Poland by train. When we received the news that we would return home. On the flight sponsored by Sun Group, we are very happy and can only say thank you to the Government, the Group, and businesses for protecting citizens.”

Waiting for the procedure to leave the airport, red-eyed Pham Thi Men shared: “I have been to Ukraine since 1987, have returned to Vietnam many times. My family has 6 members, the youngest is only 2 years old. Now, really still haunted and moved, I can only thank you all. Vietnamese brothers have enthusiastically supported. Warm compatriots. There is no place like the homeland. Choosing to return to the homeland is the safest way.”

Two flights sponsored by Sun Group bring nearly 600 Vietnamese people home from Ukraine - 2

People complete the final procedures before boarding the plane.

According to the representative of Vietnam Airlines Corporation, these are repatriation flights that do not follow the usual route, are deployed urgently and do not have a representative office of Vietnam Airlines. Flight deployment requires much more speed and detail than conventional international flights.

The flight crew and the operating team must exchange and check thoroughly and continuously with the airport of your country about the facilities to welcome the flight. Besides, to ensure a safe and smooth flight journey, the flight is always accompanied by technical staff and ground staff to coordinate handling of ground services (passengers, luggage, etc.) cargo) and engineering at the arrival airport.

It is expected that, after the first two flights on March 13, Sun Group and Vietnam Airlines will continue to continuously deploy the next flights to Romania and Poland to bring all Vietnamese citizens and family members to Vietnam. Ukraine needs repatriation. All these special passengers will be fully covered by Sun Group for the flight and attentively served by Vietnam Airlines and brought back to Vietnam safely.

“The urgent deployment of flights to rescue Vietnamese people and their families from Ukraine is the biggest wish of Sun Group at this time, with the desire to join hands and contribute a small part to help our compatriots escape. the scene of bombs falling, bullets and explosions, returning safely, peacefully relying on the homeland during this difficult time. With the cooperation of Vietnam Airlines, we are confident that the next flights will also be deployed safely and smoothly.”representative of Sun Group shared.

It is known that because Ukraine is currently a war zone with fierce fighting, so it is not possible to deploy flights, airlines have built plans to exploit to points in neighboring countries of Ukraine to pick up passengers. Vietnam and family repatriated.

Currently, the number of upcoming repatriation flights for Vietnamese citizens and family members in Ukraine is still being updated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Vietnamese embassies from the above countries from the list of destinations. citizens have a need to return to the country.

Sun Group and Vietnam Airlines are committed to accompanying the Government, ready to organize flights to places with many registered people and aspiration to return home to bring Vietnamese citizens safely home as soon as possible. .

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