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US President approved more than 13 billion USD in aid for Ukraine

US President Joe Biden. Photo: Reuters.

In the above amount, there is 6.5 billion USD for The Pentagon to cover the cost of sending US troops to allies on the eastern flank of NATO, providing intelligence support to Ukraine.

“I just signed the bipartisan government funding bill into law, keeping the government running and providing historic $13.6 billion in funding to Ukraine.” US President Joe Biden posted on Twitter on March 15.

President Biden earlier this month also approved a $350 million weapons package, including anti-tank missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, personal weapons and ammunition for Ukraine.

After Russia launched a military campaign in Ukraine from February 24, the US and its allies have imposed a series of sanctions against Moscow and President Putin’s government.

President Biden has vowed to respond if Russia attacks a member of NATO, even if it could lead to World War III. However, he repeated his previous position that Washington would not send forces to fight in Ukraine.

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