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Vietnam field hospital awarded UN peacekeeping medal

On March 15, in Bentiu – Republic of South Sudan took place the awarding ceremony of the United Nations Medal for the cause of peacekeeping to 63 members of BVDC 2.3 to recognize achievements in one year of mission.

Vietnam field hospital awarded UN peacekeeping medal - 1

Vietnam No. 3 field hospital level 2 in South Sudan was awarded the United Nations Peacekeeping Medal (UN) for its dedication and outstanding contributions.

Attending the ceremony were Brigadier General Dhananjay Joshi- Acting Commander-in-Chief of UN forces in South Sudan, Ms. Hiroko Hirahara- Head of Bentiu Base of the Mission, Brigadier General Mr. Brigadier General Mike Cooper Mujuni- Commander of Unity Military Region, Mr. Colonel Waleed Elazizy- Chief of Military Medicine of the Mission and Lieutenant Colonel Pham Tan Phong- Commander-in-Chief of the Vietnamese peacekeeping force in the South Sudan mission and many commanding officers from the garrison units: MonBatt, Pakistan METF, GhaBatt, Ghana FPU, Cambodia MP… and distinguished guests.

Opening the ceremony was the drum performance “Vietnamese spirit”, performed by 22 staffs of BVDC 2.3. The bustling battle drums re-enacting the thousand-year history of nation building and defending the country brought a vibrant and heroic atmosphere to all attendees.

Vietnam field hospital awarded UN peacekeeping medal - 2

The opening performances of the ceremony were performed by soldiers and doctors from the Vietnamese peace forces in South Sudan.

On behalf of BVDC 2.3, Lieutenant Colonel, Doctor Trinh My Hoa, Director of BVDC 2.3 gave a speech summarizing the results achieved after 12 months since its implementation on March 26, 2021 at Bentiu-Unity Division: BVDC 2.3 has providing high quality health care and treatment to more than 1,400 patients who are UN staff and indigenous people, successfully conducting more than 16 complicated surgeries, and 15 emergency airlifts. .

Apply many new techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of patients in accordance with field conditions. The hospital has also done well in epidemic prevention, vaccination against Covid-19, providing oxygen and treating all medical waste for level 1 hospitals in the Mission area. In addition, implementing a series of environmentally friendly campaigns, making works from recycled materials…, together with friends, have actively conducted many professional exchanges and training sessions to strengthen medical knowledge and skills. The image of the country and the people of Vietnam is promoted through a series of 9 deep and extensive military-civilian combined operations (CIMIC) of the BV.

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The performances brought excitement and atmosphere to the ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ms. Hiroko Hirahara- Head of Bentiu Base of the Mission and Mr. Brigadier General Dhananjay Joshi- Acting Commander of UN forces in South Sudan highly appreciated the dedication, dedication and professionalism of BVDC 2.3. .

“We are very pleased with the positive feedback on what BVDC Vietnam has done. I deeply acknowledge and appreciate your achievements. Thank you to your family for being part of the “family” of Bentiu too.Mrs. Hiroko Hirahara shared emotionally at the ceremony.

In his speech, Brigadier General Dhananjay Joshi welcomed BVDC 2.3’s efforts to participate in combined military-civilian operations (CIMIC) despite being very busy with professional work. These include many activities that CIMIC has actively participated in, such as: HIV/AIDS counseling, support for Bentiu hospital, sharing of medicines and equipment with local authorities, and support for local authorities. Useful equipment and school supplies for students…

Colonel Waleed Elazizy said: “Despite the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam’s BVDC has played an important role in preventing and controlling the epidemic at Bentiu base, as well as actively contributing professional and effective measures. To prevent Covid-19 spread in the hospital, ensuring a safe environment for the patients being treated. Recognizing the efforts of Vietnamese doctors and nurses, UN staff here feel safe and comfortable when they come to BVDC 2.3 for treatment.”

Vietnam field hospital awarded UN peacekeeping medal - 4

Vietnamese soldiers join the United Nations peacekeeping force in South Sudan.

Emphasizing that a year of living and working in Bentiu is a time with unforgettable experiences for all members of BVDC 2.3, Lieutenant Colonel Pham Tan Phong- Commander of the Vietnamese peacekeeping force in South Vietnam. Sudan expressed deep gratitude, support and assistance of the UNMISS Mission, UN agencies and units stationed together.

Under the scorching sun of the red dusty land of Bentiu, 63 Vietnamese officers and staff in peacekeeping uniforms, boots, white gloves and blue berets with the UN logo stood solemnly. proudly, receiving the Medal in recognition of their dedication during the whole term, side by side like a big family, contributing to the noble mission of the UN in taking care of the health of UN officials and employees – a moment so special and unforgettable.

On the medal of honor received, blue represents the United Nations, black and blue represent the country of South Sudan and white represents the aspiration for peace and prosperity.

Before that, during the evening exchange party and outdoor cultural performance on March 14, the distinguished guests were extremely excited when not only enjoyed Vietnamese cuisine: banh chung, spring rolls, and grilled dishes. Vietnam, (more delicate than BVDC 2.4, also prepares vegetarian food, especially Halal food for Muslims)… but also has the opportunity to understand more unique cultural features of the Vietnamese people, the desire to contribute, and join hands to build a peaceful world through musical performances with 3 unique dance performances by young people who are learning and learning, which is “My homeland Vietnam”, “Slapping water at the top of the house”, “Bong bang bang bang”.

The highlight is cultural exchange performances between Vietnamese doctors and nurses and international friends in joint repertoire such as “Green Beret Soldier”, “Heal the world”…

The medal ceremony is an important and impressive milestone, marking a year of joining the peacekeeping force with the encouraging achievements and efforts of BVDC 2.3. These efforts not only show Vietnam as a responsible member state of the United Nations but also the deep feelings of the Vietnamese people for the people of South Sudan.

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