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Viettel won the award for the quality of mobile broadband service

On the morning of March 9, within the framework of the Workshop on Modernizing telecommunications infrastructure and digital content services towards promoting the digital economy and digital society, organized by the International Data Group IDG in collaboration with the Radio-Electronic Association, Organized by Digital Media Association, Ministry of Information & Communications, at the ceremony to honor Typical Mobile Broadband Service Providers & ISPs and Cloud Computing in 2022, the Organizing Committee said, the results are based on on the satisfaction assessment survey of 6758 consumers in 2022 conducted from January 1 to February 15, 2022 across the country.

Customers rate 5 levels with each criterion according to service quality, including: Wave quality, Ensure stable connection at peak times, Comparable to quality and price, Data download speed, Speed data posting.

Based on that, IDG has calculated the total score of the criteria to choose the operator with the highest satisfaction score for its customers. Result, Viettel rated by customers as having the best quality of mobile broadband services in Vietnam.

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Mr. Nguyen Trong Tinh – Deputy General Director of Viettel Telecommunications Corporation received the award “Typical telecommunications service provider for quality of mobile broadband services”.

Determining the increasing demand for mobile data services, since 2017 (the time of official opening of the 4th generation mobile network), Viettel has implemented 4G coverage throughout the country.

Viettel currently owns the largest 4G network in Vietnam with 42,000 base stations, covering 97% of the population and is considered to have the highest download mobile Internet speed, the largest 4G availability and the highest coverage experience. the best 4G wave in Vietnam (According to Opensignal’s assessment published in September 2021).

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Good wave quality along with the provision of many data packages to suit all needs have helped Viettel’s customers switch from 3G to 4G quickly (Estimated percentage of subscribers using 3G data over the total number of data subscribers of the company). Viettel network is currently less than 2%).

Mr. Nguyen Trong Tinh, Deputy General Director of Viettel Telecom Corporation, said: Viettel is implementing many policies to encourage customers to convert subscribers from 3G to 4G such as support to buy cheap 4G devices, support 6 month -1 year free data.

Our goal is that by June 2022, there are no 3G subscribers on Viettel network. It is also a way for Viettel to realize its commitment to be a pioneer in building and developing a digital society in Vietnam.“, emphasized Mr. Nguyen Trong Tinh.

Along with the award “Typical telecommunications service provider for mobile broadband service quality”, recently according to a survey conducted by NielsenIQ, up to 85% of customers are willing to recommend our services. Viettel with relatives and friends.

This is the highest rate among mobile telecommunications networks in Vietnam. Viettel is also the operator with the highest percentage of customers using mobile data in Vietnam with 90% of subscribers using 3G-4G services.

Customer satisfaction (NPS) is one of the important indicators of a brand’s success. According to NielsenIQ, in order to be loved, trusted and introduced by customers, Viettel must ensure all elements of service quality, customer care quality, reasonable service fees, etc.

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