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Warning of the risk of “urban trap” when buying real estate

Mar 16, 2022 07:27 GMT+7

Recently, the market has sprung up with self-division projects, selling plots at surprisingly low prices to attract people.

Not to mention, many urban areas have been built but lack utility infrastructure, mainly for speculation, buying and selling, not for housing needs. Experts call this an “urban trap” for people who want to buy real estate, easy to buy but difficult to sell.

Many villas built superficially but over the years are still just abandoned bricks. The plots of land plots are divided into plots, no one has ever lived in. After the virtual fever passed, many investors have been stuck in these properties because they could not find buyers, even though they were willing to “cut losses”.

Mr. Nguyen Duy Toan, Real Estate Company Minh Toan Land, said: “Many investors are impatient, many projects have not been completed, and have not been handed over for a long time, causing them to have to sell and cut losses to earn profits. reinvested money”.

According to experts, the cause of this situation is the imbalance between construction planning and the output market. The location and facilities do not meet the real needs of residents. On the other hand, some investors are not interested, or do not have enough financial resources to build infrastructure utilities.

Dr. Doan Dinh Hoang, Lecturer at FSB Institute of Business Administration, commented: “To avoid the urban trap mentioned above, customers and investors should wisely choose cities that are already crowded with residents in areas where people live. An area with great development potential, complete infrastructure of reputable investors, stable economic potential, there, the investor devotes a lot of enthusiasm to building a green, smart ecosystem with diverse The form of synchronous utilities brings a perfect living space to attract a large number of residents, creating a community of sustainable development in the future”.

The real estate market is currently attracting two main customers: investors and buyers to live in. Experts warn that, regardless of customer group, besides profit, an important factor when buying real estate is liquidity, which means that you can sell quickly when you need money. Therefore, projects that only have houses and land but lack utility infrastructure and services will certainly be difficult to sell in the future, even unfinished. At this time, buyers easily fall into the situation of losing money, unable to sell, but unable to keep.

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