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What should F0 children eat to quickly recover from illness?


First, you don’t need to be too worried because most F0 children have mild symptoms and recover faster than adults. post-Covid-19 sequelae also extremely rare.

When a child is infected with Covid-19, first do not think about preparing countless medicines with various colors of blue, red, purple, yellow… You also do not think about preparing leaves for children because they really not good, even dangerous for your child. Instead, you should help your child heal faster by eating the right foods.

Here are 2 foods that are very good for children when your child accidentally turns F0:

1. Fresh fruits and vegetables such as oranges, tangerines, passion fruit, watermelon, guava or coconut water

Because if you have Covid-19, when you have a fever, you will be dehydrated and constantly thirsty. Rehydration from fruit juices that are rich in vitamins and minerals will help your child strengthen his natural resistance. Hence faster healing.

2. The most important “dish”: multivitamin and vitamin D3 supplements

Most young children have not been vaccinated, so they do not have a specific immune system. Instead, children only have their own natural resistance. The addition of multivitamins and vitamin D3 helps children strengthen their natural resistance and better fight viruses.

3. Unnecessary “dishes”: foods that are too fatty

Let your child eat normally as long as he feels good and likes to eat. Do not give your child too much fat because too much is not good for the health of the child. Moreover, children who are forced to eat fatty foods may have a bad mentality, making treatment more difficult.

Hope you and your baby are always healthy and happy!

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