Which provinces have allowed F0 to work?

On March 16, information from the Office of the Ca Mau Provincial Party Committee said that at the meeting between the Provincial Standing Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Council, the People’s Committee and the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee, Provincial Party Secretary Nguyen Tien Hai proposed The Provincial People’s Committee directs agencies, functional units and localities to issue temporary regulations on employment for cadres, civil servants, public employees and employees in state agencies and non-business units. Public institutions and production and business establishments, companies, factories, enterprises, enterprises… are F0, F1.

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Cases F0, F1 at production facilities, companies, factories, enterprises and enterprises in Ca Mau can work directly. Photo: Office of the Ca Mau Provincial Party Committee

Accordingly, the cases of F0 with no symptoms and mild symptoms, F1 with high risk and high risk can go to work, but must be on a voluntary basis, ensuring the principle of no contact with other people; production and business establishments, companies, factories, enterprises, enterprises… support workers to test twice a week, arrange production and business in the most reasonable and scientific way and ensure safety measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic.

For state agencies, public non-business units, assign heads of agencies and units to appropriately assign jobs, ensure epidemic prevention and control, and avoid taking advantage of epidemics to quit work. , affecting the progress and quality of work.

For cadres, civil servants, public employees, employees in state agencies, public non-business units and production and business establishments, companies, factories and enterprises , enterprises… assigned the Provincial People’s Committee to issue temporary regulations for implementation.

At the same time, the Department of Health was assigned to continue proposing and recommending that the Ministry of Health soon prioritize allocating vaccines for children from 5 to under 12 years old and vaccines with doses of 2 and 3 for people aged 12 years and older. up.

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Currently, Long An and Ca Mau provinces have allowed F0 and F1 cases to go to work directly.

Previously, on March 9, Long An province allowed F0 and F1 to work on a voluntary basis and must have the consent of the head of the agency, unit or direct superior of the agency. unit.

Analyzing the proposal for F0 and F1 to go to work, doctor Le Van Chinh, otolaryngologist, Hong Ngoc Hospital said in VOV newspaper that Covid-19 is still a group A infectious disease, still have a certain level of danger. Therefore, there should be flexibility and appropriate preparation to respond.

Each agency, office and enterprise must have specific instructions for employees on the conditions to be applied as prescribed to ensure safety against epidemics.

Dr. Le Van Chinh analyzed: “No one understands his disease better than himself, can feel the body is okay or not, but it must also be based on voluntary spirit. Some places have workers or establishments. In health care, F0-infected employees still work, but working in screening areas and high-infection areas must still have full protection.”

The majority said that allowing F0 and F1 to participate in work during the isolation period should be considered according to the wishes of the subjects, and the application should be flexible. For areas with complicated epidemics, a relatively high number of F1s can be considered for employment to avoid labor shortages, while in places with few infections and ensuring human resources, F1 should be allowed to work online to minimize the risk. epidemic outbreak.

In the current context of labor shortage, letting F0 go to work without symptoms is a temporary solution, but it must be ensured that it does not put pressure on agencies, offices and businesses, especially at the workplace. places with tight spaces, high labor density.


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