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Why did Thanh Hoa’s coach say Quang Hai could not play in Europe?

The 74-year-old coach from European football is straight about one thing that makes Quang Hai unable to play in Europe.

Video of Quang Hai’s performance in the match against Thanh Hoa

Compensatory match for round 1 of Night Wolf tournament V League 2022 takes place on the evening of March 16, in addition to result Like between Hanoi and Thanh Hoa, people are still waiting for Quang Hai to play. During the past few days, Quang Hai’s “go or stay” story at Hanoi Club has consumed a lot of media, and more than anyone else, people want to see the player born in 1997 appear on Hang Day Stadium (Ha Noi). Interior).

Why did Thanh Hoa's coach say Quang Hai could not play in Europe?  - first

Quang Hai (centre) scored in a “sensitive” time about the contract

Not in the main team to play and sit on the bench during the first half, but when the Capital team met a stalemate, Quang Hai was sent to the field to play in the second half. During the time of participation, Quang Hai was followed. very close, but the 1m68 tall player can still show tricky situations of receiving, dribbling and passing.

Those things were like letting Quang Hai “run the momentum” for the 82nd minute to explode. From the corner taken by Van Quyet, Quang Hai was present at the right time to score the goal that made Hang Day “open”. It was also the goal that helped Hanoi win the first victory in the V-League 2022, in the previous match they let Ho Chi Minh City hold a 0-0 draw.

After the match, Croatian coach Petrovic of Thanh Hoa club regretted that his team lost in the last minutes. The 74-year-old strategist said: “Our team did not play well. There were many positions that were not in good form today. Hanoi played well, they had many opportunities and the corner situation “opened the button.” tie” to help them score the decisive goal.

When asked about Quang Hai being able to play in Europe, the Croatian coach said: “Quang Hai this match seems a bit overweight. Football Europe usually does not use overweight players. The situation where this player scored a goal I couldn’t see clearly, the defenders didn’t focus on this situation.”

Why did Thanh Hoa's coach say Quang Hai could not play in Europe?  - 3

Coach Petrovic thinks that Quang Hai is a bit overweight at the moment, it will be difficult to play football in Europe

Talking about “Hanoi without Quang Hai”, the 74-year-old coach implicitly said that the Capital Club is not yet himself: “I think Hanoi’s gameplay is not affected too much, because there are also excellent players here. In the past, Thanh Hoa often lost to Hanoi easily, but today with Quang Hai, they still have to struggle.”

After 4 matches, Thanh Hoa won 1, drew 1, lost 2, got 4 points, ranked 6/13, standing right above Hanoi FC. Their next match at Night Wolf V-League 2022, Thanh Hoa will be a guest of Ho Chi Minh City Club on July 2.

According to Nguyen Hung (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)

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