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30-year-old “aunt” with her husband cosplaying Silco

Already over 30 years old and have a baby, but still coser Tieu Nhu still makes a storm every time she appears. With a pure innocent face and melancholy makeup talent, no one can think of her real age. Even once determined to “transform” into any character, Tieu Nhu was so meticulous that she had to make viewers admire, nod and praise that she was like a character coming out of the game.

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Recently, Tieu Nhu also played big by asking her husband to combine in a cosplay of two characters in Arcane. It is known that her husband – Tieu Bach was also a famous name in the coser village.

The meticulousness from the makeup, the preparation of the costumes to the carefully invested scene, along with the couple’s charisma, make viewers admire with the smart, personality Jinx and the cold and quiet Silco. Both are vividly and realistically expressed in each expression, sitting posture makes viewers unable to take their eyes off.

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Before that, in December 2021, Tieu Nhu had just caused a storm when she played the role of Jinx when she was a child. It can be seen that the success of this appearance with her husband, the 30-year-old “aunt” treated Arcane fans with a set of eye-catching pictures.

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