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5 “curses” clinging to the most haunting royal families in history, causing catastrophic consequences

Royal families around the world appear with regal and luxurious images, making many people admire and admire. However, in reality, behind the Palace doors are secrets not everyone knows. Many royals have continuously suffered tragedies and tragedies that make them forced to believe that there are “curses” that are clinging to them, spreading suffering to family members.

Here are the stories of royals around the world who are famous for the most haunting “curses” today:

The Grimaldi Kingdom is “cursed”

Grimaldi is the ruling family in Monaco royal from 1297. According to the Tatler, there are several different versions surrounding this famous royal family’s entanglement with a cruel curse.

However, the famous and better known version is that Prince Rainier I kidnapped a woman in the 13th century, causing her extreme resentment and anger. The woman then cursed the prince and his descendants saying: “The Grimaldi family will never find happiness in marriage“.


Prince Rainier I.

And in fact, the members of the Monaco royal family do not have the desired married life. Princess Stephanie, the youngest daughter of Princess Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III, experienced a troubled love affair. The first marriage lasted only a year. The second lover is also not the last stop.

Princess Caroline of Hannover, sister of the Prince of Monaco, also had an unhappy married life. Her first husband divorced after 2 years of marriage. In the second marriage, seemingly happy and complete, the husband suddenly died after a maritime accident. Currently, Princess Caroline of Hannover is living a quiet life with her third husband.


Princess Caroline of Hannover had a troubled married life.

The curse made the Nepalese royal family perish

According to the New York Times, Nepal became a sovereign state in the 1700s, ruled by Prithvi Narayan Shah. One day, the king gave the hermit a bowl of milk that had a bad taste. This hermit, after drinking, vomited up in front of the king.

The head of the royal family disparaged and shunned this hermit. The king did not expect that, in fact, the hermit was the god Gorakhnath, he felt offended when the king avoided his vomit. The curse has been made that the monarchy of Nepal will only last 10 generations.

And unfortunately, that “curse” has been fulfilled. On June 1, 2001, Crown Prince Dipendra caused the massacre that shocked the world when he took 9 lives including his parents and siblings. Prince Dipendra then committed suicide, taking his own life. Many news sites analyze that Prince Dipendra murdered the whole family because he could not marry the girl he loved.


Prince Dipendra massacred the whole family because he could not marry the girl he loved.

The Nepalese royal family later continued to exist until its official disbandment in 2008. The dynasty lasted exactly 10 generations.

Curse of the Wadiyar clan

The Wadiyar are the only royal family in India to have legally ruled an empire that spanned five centuries. Currently members of the Wadiyar dynasty are still living a noble life at the magnificent palace in Mysore. In particular, the public knows that this family is also famous for The curse followed them for 400 years with an obsession with no heirs.

The curse is said to have started from a shocking historical event. Accordingly, in 1612, the land of Mysore during the reign of the Vijayanagara Empire was ruled by King Tirumalaraja. Even so, the king later contracted a serious illness that made his health decline.


King Tirumalaraja and his wife.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Wadiyar clan arose and murdered King Tirumalaraja’s heir and imprisoned the remaining members and other courtiers. One day, Queen Alamelamma, the wife of the former king Tirumalaraja decided to run away but was chased to the end.

Before jumping into the river to commit suicide, Mrs. Alamelamma made a venomous curse: “I curse the kings of Mysore to never have an heir“.

And in fact, this curse has strangely fulfilled, becoming the obsession of an entire family for more than 400 years. Since then, the kings of the Wadiyar family have not had a son, they have to adopt other children or put nephews and cousins ​​in the extended family as heirs to the throne. Only later, the curse was broken when a royal daughter-in-law gave birth to a son to continue the family line.

The curse that haunts the entire Habsburg family

King Franz Joseph I, from the most influential Habsburg royal family in European history, is said to have been hit by a curse. Legend has it that, after the emperor executed a teenager, his mother was extremely angry and exclaimed: “May heaven and hell burn your happiness. May his whole family perish, his children be destroyed. And he had to live in terrible loneliness and grief“.

And then, for a long time, people were bewildered and frightened as the children born into the Habsburg royal family often died or contracted a variety of genetic diseases, rendering them disabled. heavy.


The members of the Habsburg family all had health problems.

In it, Mr. Carlos II – the last Habsburg king of Spain had epilepsy, had many problems with bones and intelligence. In addition, this man also has a lower jaw that protrudes too much compared to the upper jaw, so severe that it interferes with speech and can hardly eat or close his mouth.

However, later recent studies showed that the misfortunes that fell on this family stem from the consequences of inbreeding marriage. Kings were all married to their own family members, causing the consequences that the children born would not be healthy or live long.

The Queen’s obsession

Antoinette de Kohary, a Hungarian noblewoman married into the house of Coburg, United Kingdom. A relative of Kohary’s, envious of the wealth and happiness this woman received, cast a curse that the whole Kohary in-laws’ family would later contract a terrible disease.

In fact, Queen Victoria was the first person to suffer from hemophilia (a rare blood clotting disorder). The Queen has 9 children and they have been married to different members of the royal family. One of them is unlucky to carry this genetic disease.


Antoinette de Kohary.

Among the princes with hemophilia, Victoria’s eighth child, Prince Leopold, died at the age of 31 from a brain hemorrhage after a fall. Princess Alice is married to Prince Louis of Hesse – Darmstadt. Princess Alice’s son, Friedrich, also died because he couldn’t stop the bleeding from a small tear in his ear.

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