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A 4 month old child with severe diarrhea, was scolded by the doctor and slapped because of his mother’s mistake

Parents and grandparents all want their children to be as well nourished as possible. However, when providing nutritional supplements for children, parents need to pay attention that each age has its own nutritional needs. It’s not good to let your child eat as much as you want.

Just a small mistake of parents can lead to many dangerous consequences for children. Usually, the young mother below, due to lack of experience, listens to the unscientific advice of her mother-in-law, which puts her child at risk.

In particular, this young mother is raising a child for the first time, so she doesn’t have much experience, but fortunately, she has a mother-in-law nearby, so she often helps her take care of her children.

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When the son was 4 months old, his grandmother said that she could give him porridge, because when he was young, she also gave her son – her husband began to eat rice from this stage. There were some doubts because the child was still very young, but the young mother still listened to her mother-in-law because she thought she was experienced.

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However, the consequences came not long after. After his son ate porridge for 3 days, he started having diarrhea, the situation was getting worse. Worried, the mother took her child to the hospital.

Without doing any examination, from the first question about the boy’s diet, the doctor found the cause. Not for any other reason, it was because grandmother gave the child porridge too early. The boy’s digestive system was still so weak, how could he digest a bowl of porridge a day.

The doctor could not hide his anger, criticizing the mother for being too irresponsible in caring for the child and following the mother-in-law’s unscientific advice.

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The cause comes from the bowl of porridge that grandmother gives her son every day

The mother loves her child and is ashamed of herself for being so negligent. That day, she immediately increased her knowledge of parenting, especially carefully studying the records of weaning babies.

Parents who are taking care of their children for the first time will surely face many surprises, ranging from holding the baby, putting him to sleep,…As responsible parents, parents must immediately learn the relevant knowledge so that they can take care of their children as well as possible. and the most scientific way.

In particular, nutritional supplementation for children is very important. Here are some notes for parents when feeding and drinking children:

It’s time to decide to introduce solid food to your baby

Specialist family Nutrition encourages parents to start the period of introducing solid foods when the baby is 6 months old and ending at 24 months.

The introduction of solid foods too early will not be beneficial for the child because the digestive system of children under 6 months only accepts and is suitable for digesting liquid foods such as breast milk. If complementary foods are processed at a liquid level such as breast milk, they often have a lower nutritional value than breast milk, which is not sufficient to ensure the normal development of the baby. On the other hand, if the child is introduced to solid food late after the age of 6 months, the child often suffers from malnutrition because the concentration of nutrients in liquid food is not sufficient to meet the daily needs of children over 6 months, thus making the child sick. Slow growth and susceptible to infection because the child’s immune system is too weak.

Let your child use their own cutlery

Babies cannot mix eating utensils with adults, because adults have more bacteria in their mouths and are more susceptible to infection.

In the process of eating, adults can leave a lot of bacteria on cups, plates, … which cannot be removed when washed. These bacteria, while seemingly harmless to adults, are actually potentially harmful to children.

Therefore, when babies start eating solid food, parents should prepare a separate set of eating utensils for their children and regularly clean them with special detergents to ensure their cleanliness.

In addition, parents should also put this kit separately, avoiding sharing adult items.

Let’s start baby with cereal

You don’t need to be too rigid in choosing solid foods for your baby. You can start with a special iron fortified cereal for babies, such as rice, so your baby can easily eat it without an allergic reaction to other cereals. You can also mix it with formula or breast milk until your baby is used to this new food.

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Let your baby start eating fruits and vegetables at the same time

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and even pureed meats can all be on your baby’s menu. You can feed your baby everything at the same time to see how he reacts. If your baby doesn’t eat at first, try again next time. Tell your pediatrician if you think your child may have a food allergy. You should give your baby soft baby food or soften it by heating or pounding it. You can also put the right amount of food on the spoon to make it easier for your baby to swallow.

In addition, children under one year should not eat salt and sugar because salt will damage the child’s sense of taste and damage the kidneys. Meanwhile, eating a lot of sugar easily causes tooth decay in children. After the baby is a year old, you can give baby salt, but only a little.

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