At 7pm, the teacher texted and found the answer, read his message and laughed

For subjects in the Department of Nature specializing in calculus, we the student always had a headache, lamented because I couldn’t remember all the formulas. For example, Physics is difficult but simple formulas are few, complex ones are many.

For this subject, remembering the formula means you’re halfway successful in solving the basic problems. If you just sit and learn by rote, it’s hard to eat this subject completely.

So what if that exercise also makes the teacher “rub his head and scratch his ears”, over and over again to see how he solved it and still can’t see the mistake but the answer is still different in the question?

Recently, a funny story was shared by students on a Facebook fanpage when difficult questions appeared in a Physics subject that had to make teachers wonder and think to the point of… If you ride a motorbike in the street, you have to stop immediately and text the answer to the whole class.

At 7pm, the teacher texted to find the answer, read his message and laughed loudly-1
The message that everyone reads must laugh from the teacher

It is known that this is a mixed light and white light interference exercise of Grade 12 General Physics in the light wave chapter. With the formulas determining the overlapping positions of two light and dark fringe systems, it is very difficult to apply to the question.

Surely the teacher must also think very carefully before driving on the road and thinking of the answer to such an exercise. Many netizens couldn’t help but laugh at this situation, but many also praised the teacher because indeed the most caring teacher in the world must be here!

In the comments section, many people have commented on the teacher’s level of confusion:

– Reading this article, I remember it was the same when I took the university entrance exam, I could not work in class, but every time I was driving home, I thought of a solution, stopped the car to get a pen and paper to solve it at the red light stop.

– The increase in gas prices has helped me to be more alert, if I don’t go out quickly, it will cost a lot of money!

Light fringes and dark fringes refract light. Not to mention the bonus of adding a half-life equation. Li at that time was a very terrible force.

– It’s different when GenZ is a teacher!

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