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Based on the epidemic situation, remove Covid-19 from the list of particularly dangerous diseases

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam on March 17 signed the Resolution on the Program on Covid-19 prevention and control, to be implemented in the two years 2022 – 2023. The specific goal of the Program is to ensure the coverage rate. vaccines against Covid-19.

By the end of the first quarter of 2022, complete the 2nd injection for people from 12 years old to under 18 years old, the 3rd injection for people aged 18 years and older up to the vaccination schedule, except for subjects with contraindications to vaccination; ensure adequate vaccines and complete vaccination for children from 5 years old to under 12 years old by September 2022.

Based on the epidemic situation, removing Covid-19 from the list of particularly dangerous diseases - Photo 1.

In terms of controlling the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, the goal is for all levels of government to have a Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control scenario. All people comply with appropriate epidemic prevention and control measures; all agencies, organizations and enterprises carry out the infection risk assessment and update and report the assessment results. Have a flexible surveillance and detection strategy for SARS-CoV-2 infections, suitable to the epidemic situation in each period; reduce the death rate from Covid-19 per million population to a level lower than the Asian average.

Improve capacity of the health system, especially preventive medicine and grassroots health; increase investment in equipment and facilities for medical facilities, have remuneration policies suitable for those in charge of preventive medicine and grassroots health; enhancing the quality of first aid and active resuscitation at medical examination and treatment establishments at all levels.

All vulnerable groups such as the elderly, people with underlying medical conditions, people with disabilities, pregnant women, helpless people, orphans, ethnic minorities, and migrant workers residents in urban areas… are guaranteed access to health services.

Closely monitor the epidemic situation in the world and in the country; promptly amend, supplement and update professional guidelines to ensure compliance with the motto of safe and flexible adaptation, effective control of the epidemic, and at the same time economic recovery and development.

Flexible implementation of the principle of “prevention – detection – isolation – zoning – suppression” according to the narrowest possible scale and scope, in line with the epidemic’s development; flexibly apply the anti-epidemic formula “5K + vaccine, medicine + treatment + technology + people’s consciousness + other measures”. At the same time, study, evaluate and base on the epidemic situation to switch measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic from a group A infectious disease to a group B infectious disease; agencies, organizations and enterprises must carry out regular and periodical surveillance and update and report the results of infection risk assessment.

Carry out appropriate, timely, scientific and effective testing to detect infections; establishing an epidemiological database for forecasting and monitoring, including: epidemic situation; virus monitoring; therapeutic activities; vaccination; ability and effectiveness of local response to epidemic prevention and control; assessment of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 virus; ensure the sharing of information on disease surveillance domestically and internationally.

The Program’s other main tasks and solutions are to ensure both epidemic prevention and control, socio-economic development and stabilize people’s lives. Specifically, localities continue to implement a safe, flexible adaptation plan to effectively control the Covid-19 epidemic in accordance with Resolution 128 of the Government, ensuring consistent implementation in accordance with regulations and unified guidelines. at the same time promoting the initiative and creativity of the locality in controlling the epidemic situation, creating favorable conditions for the restoration of production and business, socio-economic development, bringing daily life to life. of the people gradually returned to the new normal; do not let the local situation, in the promulgation and implementation of solutions above the necessary level, negatively affect production, business, and social life.

Agencies, organizations and enterprises actively develop and effectively organize the implementation of epidemic prevention and control plans in association with local plans for operations, production and business (up to communes, wards and people’s groups). city) and update and report assessment results.

Continue to implement measures to ensure scientific, safe and effective disease prevention and control at educational and training institutions when students study directly; based on the epidemic situation to organize the appropriate form of teaching, not to let students study online for a long time; continuously update best practices in the world on the safe and timely reopening of educational and training institutions; regularly check and evaluate to understand the negative impacts of online learning, especially on children, for timely solutions.

Implement epidemic prevention and control work in production, transportation and circulation, ensuring uninterrupted goods transportation.

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