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Cong Phuong’s double is also difficult to cure Park’s “headache”

The loss is named after Phan Van Duc

Entering the gathering to prepare for the last 2 matches in the World Cup qualifying round against Oman and Japan, Coach Park Hang-seo is facing consecutive difficulties in terms of force, especially on the front lines. attack.

In the list of 28 players summoned, Mr. Park (in theory) has 6 strikers including Tien Linh, Tuan Hai, Phan Van Duc, Cong Phuong, Van Toan and Ha Duc Chinh. Among these, Phan Van Duc broke his thigh muscle and was forced to leave the team. Tien Linh went up to focus with bruised instep and had to practice separately.

The rest, Tuan Hai will focus late because he has just played the compensation match of Hanoi Club. Van Toan has not been able to find the same form as in V.League 2021 while Cong Phuong is the only name that brings positivity with the double goal he has just made against Viettel.

Cong Phuong's double is also difficult to cure Park's headache - Photo 1.

The most unfortunate of these names is definitely Phan Van Duc. The Nghe An player has shown strong signs of revival after a beautiful long-range shot against China on the 1st of the Lunar New Year. He maintained that form in the first matches in V.League 2022 in the SLNA shirt.

The boldest mark is Phan Van Duc’s super product scored against HAGL in the third round. The shot from outside the penalty area shows all the best of Germany’s best: neat, decisive. , precision and star-like brilliance.

Cong Phuong's double is also difficult to cure Park's headache - Photo 2.

Losing Van Duc, Coach Park Hang-seo will lose his most ideal plan on the left wing without almost getting a commensurate replacement. Among the remaining names, Cong Phuong is the most likely choice for this position. However, his performance in Vietnam Tel in recent times is not really convincing.

Question marks from the rest of the names

Despite having regained the feeling of scoring a full goal in a timely manner right before going up to focus, one always feels a little wobbly when looking at Cong Phuong’s performance in the team.

In fact, Cong Phuong, like other HAGL factors, no longer plays a key role in the tactical system of Coach Park Hang-seo. Even coach Kiatisuk was concerned that the period of not being able to play for too long in the national team was the reason why his students were “bored of football”.

Except for Hong Duy, who is almost the only choice in the left-back position, the remaining HAGL players are rarely used and mostly just play a backup role. Van Toan is a big disappointment. He may be a good striker in the V.League but it has been 5 years, Van Toan still has not been able to get his first goal for the national team.

Cong Phuong's double is also difficult to cure Park's headache - Photo 3.

Therefore, people have the right to worry when looking at the situation of the Vietnamese team’s attack in the next two matches. Losing Phan Van Duc is a force majeure, the main striker Nguyen Tien Linh is also facing problems. If you look at the image of Tien Linh crying while lying on a stretcher in the match between Binh Duong and Hai Phong, it is really a blessing that Tien Linh can still be present today.

It can be said that the fact that the majority of Vietnamese players in the past few years have to play even though they are not really healthy is not a new problem. As for the players, they don’t want to miss the rights and obligations of playing for the national team. As for the leadership, the pressure of achievement from the fans’ own “love of winning football” mentality is no small pressure that makes Coach Park Hang-seo always in a situation of having to “try” the players. he believes even though he himself knows they are falling into overdrive.

Cong Phuong's double is also difficult to cure Park's headache - Photo 4.

Since working in Vietnam, the “headache” about the problem of public goods has never been pleasant for the Korean strategist. Many times, Mr. Park has “complained” that Vietnamese football is lacking good strikers. Until now, that “headache” besides Coach Park Hang-seo seems like no one can solve it.

Cong Phuong's double is also difficult to cure Park's headache - Photo 5.

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