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Drinks from crocodile fruit help F0 from cough, recover quickly after COVID

Even after getting the results negative for COVID-19, many people still face some complications such as cough, sore throat… However, according to doctors, these are normal reactions of the body after having just experienced an acute infection and are in the process. self-healing time. You should only see a doctor if these symptoms persist for more than 3 months without improvement.

Instead of overdoing on antibiotics or rushing to see a doctor. After recovering from the disease, F0 can find natural remedies to bring good effects but still be benign.


Crocodile fruit is a very familiar food in the life of Vietnamese people. Crocodile can be used to make drinks to cool the body, or as ingredients for home remedies.

According to scientist, National General Practitioner Bui Dac Sang (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Hanoi Association of Oriental Medicine, Vietnam): Crocodile has the scientific name Dracontomelum duperreanumP, belonging to the Peach family. Green crocodile fruit is used to cook sour soup, ripe fruit is used to eat or make crocodile jam. The tree prefers to grow in sandy soil, flowers in spring, fruit in summer, ripe fruit in autumn.

In Oriental medicine, crocodile is a fruit that is average, sour, acrid when the fruit is green, and sweet when ripe. It has the effect of refreshing, creating new epidemics, detoxifying, eliminating drunkenness, poisoning, vomiting due to pregnancy, treating cough…


Herbalist Sang said that in Eastern medicine, it is often believed that this “wild” fruit is used to treat many common diseases in life, and can be used for both children and adults. Crocodile is both cheap and benign and has the effect of treating coughs, itchy necks, sore throats… so, after COVID-19, F0 coughs without serious symptoms can use remedies from crocodiles. .

Remedy for cough, improve digestion, relieve sore throat from crocodile fruit

1. Cough remedy from crocodile fruit

Crocodile can be used to treat cough in the following ways:

– Method 1: Fresh crocodile pulp 15g, soaked with a little salt, sucked 3-5 times a day, best taken in the morning and evening before going to bed.

– Method 2: Fresh crocs 25g with 250ml of water and 100ml, divided into 2 drinks, add sugar when drinking. Drink for 3 days.

– Method 3: Take flowers, sharp crocodile fruit with 300ml of water and the remaining 100ml, divided into 2-3 times to drink during the day.

– Cough treatment for children: Steamed crocodile flowers with honey for children to drink several times a day will be effective.


2. Cure mouth sores, thirst, itchy neck, sore throat from crocodile fruit

– Method 1: Take a few ripe crocodiles with sugar or salt to eat on the same day.

– Method 2: Take 4-6g of dried crocodile meat and bring it sharp with 2 bowls of water and half a bowl, drink it after breakfast.

– Method 3: 8g dried crocodile pulp with boiling water to drink during the day. Use for a week.


3. Enhance digestion from crocodile fruit

Take steamed crocodile with sugar as a beverage to drink during the day. Or use fresh crocodile to cook sour soup to eat immediately.

F0 has this feature, so it shouldn’t be used as a remedy/curative dish

– Having a stomach disease

Although crocodile fruit is a fruit with many health benefits, it has a sour taste, especially green crocodile, so people with peptic ulcer disease should avoid using fresh crocodiles or drinks and dishes with many crocodiles. People need to avoid eating crocodiles when they are hungry because it will cause rumbling in the stomach and harm the stomach.

– Children under 12 months old

Parents should not let children under 12 months of age use a lot of crocodile fruit because the baby’s digestive system is still sensitive and easily affected by the acid in the crocodile.

– Diabetes, heart disease, obesity should not drink crocodile water


In the summer, many people often use soaked crocodile as a beverage, but it is also necessary to limit the use of this drink because soaked crocodile contains a lot of sugar, if consumed a lot, it will cause an increase in blood sugar leading to the risk of obesity, diabetes, Heart… tang-toc-hoi-phuc-fast-20220317185646758.chn

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