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Employee was fired for posting a video on Youtube about the car company’s accident

Electric car company Tesla fired an employee just six days after he posted a video on YouTube of him having an accident while using the company’s FSD Full Self-Driving System.

This employee’s name is John Bernal (26 years old). According to what is in the recorded video, John Bernal was driving a Tesla Model 3 and using the FSD full self-driving feature. However, while turning right on a street in San Jose, California, the vehicle “lost control” and lightly crashed into a traffic pole separating the lane between the car lane and the bike lane.

The video from the inside of the cockpit was posted by John Bernal on his Youtube channel (AI Addict channel) and attracted about 180,000 views.

Watch video:

As a result, 6 days later, February 11, 2022, Tesla dismissed this employee.

John Bernal is an employee of the data analysis and data processing team for Tesla’s self-driving car system.

Information to the media, John Bernal said, the manager refused to give the reason for the dismissal in writing. The accident was attributed to him improperly using the FSD feature.

However, later, on his Youtube channel, John Bernal shared that the root cause was that his videos had a “conflict of interest” with Tesla when giving information detrimental to the company. He shared a screenshot of his Model 3 showing the FSD beta software being paused in his vehicle.

The FSD (Full Self-Dring) software package is a self-driving car feature package sold by Tesla to US users for a fee of $199 per month or a one-time payment of $10,000.

Car company employee fired for posting accident video on Youtube
Tesla Model 3

The famous American electric car company advertises that this is a high-end autopilot feature that allows the company’s cars to automatically change lanes, navigate on highways, go to parking spots, automatically get out of the parking lot, drive yourself a short distance at slow speeds to pick up the driver, and even have the ability to automatically steer on city roads.

So far, Tesla has only offered the FSD beta test to corporate users and a few loyal customers signed up to participate. However, the company also recommends that FSD beta users need to share information “responsibly and selectively”.

FSD automatic driving system is still controversial when it cannot guarantee absolute safety for drivers.

In November 2021, a user of a 2021 Tesla Model Y in California also experienced the same error with FSD. When turning left, the vehicle went into the wrong lane and was hit by another vehicle driving in the adjacent lane.

Before the efforts of Tesla To prevent users from sharing negative information about FSD, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been investigating since August 2021.

An NHTSA spokesperson said it has noted the user complaint and is in contact with the manufacturer to obtain more information. At the same time, it is recommended that users be careful when registering to experience the FSD automatic driving system.

Intelligent Recovery(according to Autoblog)

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