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European countries agree to deliver S-300 to Ukraine

Mar 17, 2022 15:05 GMT+7

CNN cited sources as saying that Slovakia had agreed to send Ukraine Soviet air defense systems, including the S-300 air defense missile system.

In return, Bratislava wants other air defense systems, perhaps the American Patriot air defense system that Germany and the Netherlands are already supplying to Slovakia. However, bringing them into service with the Slovak army and training in the new weapon could take some time.

It is known that Slovakia is one of three allies of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) with the Soviet S-300 air defense system.

At the same time, according to the press secretary of the Ministry of Defense of Slovakia, Martina Koval-Kakashchikova, the country will not transfer fighter jets to Ukraine. In addition, Russian or Soviet-made air defense systems will be delivered to Kiev by the US.

European countries agree to deliver S-300 to Ukraine
S-300 air defense system. (Photo: Izvestia)

Earlier, CNN reported that the US and NATO had sent another batch of mobile air defense systems designed by the Soviet Union to Ukraine. Accordingly, Western countries have assembled a series of Osa air defense missile systems, various improvements of S-300 and Strela (SA-8, SA-10, SA-12 and SA-14 according to classifications) NATO), they are ready and on their way to Ukraine, but it is not clear when they will arrive.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has condemned the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine. According to Putin, the West is pushing Kiev to bloodshed by supplying weapons and mercenaries.

In addition, CNN quoted a source in the administration of President Joe Biden as announcing that the US would send Soviet air defense systems to Ukraine.

Moreover, it is reported that the US administration is considering the possibility of supplying Ukraine with high-precision guided missiles Switchblades as part of military support.

S-300 first appeared in the Soviet arsenal from the late 1970s, early 1980s. Russia exported this shield to many countries in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and some countries such as Greece, Venezuela. Ukraine inherited 250 S-300 launchers after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but by the 2010s, only six of them had been overhauled.

The main purpose of the S-300 is to protect and control the airspace from threats from bombers, fighters and other air targets.

The S-300 system is designed to destroy all enemy air-fire attack vehicles, strategic aircraft, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles with very high accuracy, long range. , high altitude.

The operation of the S-300 is fully automated, and the system can detect and track multiple air targets at the same time.

The S-300 systems use a range of medium to long range missiles to destroy air targets. Most variants can carry a 130-150 kg warhead, with semi-active guidance systems.

In addition, to avoid detection by the enemy, S-300 launchers and support vehicles use various camouflage methods, such as modified camouflage nets.

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