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Gasoline increased to a record, what kind of car is expected to help Vietnamese people reduce their “expensive” spending?

Mar 17, 2022 16:05 GMT+7

Everyone says they will buy a bicycle due to the increase in gas prices, but the reality is quite the opposite.

As soon as gasoline prices increased and reached historic peaks, the online community switched to bicycles to reduce spending on fuel, exercise, and protect the environment. However, the reality at bicycle shops in Ho Chi Minh City is quite the opposite of the online solicitations.

The owner of a bicycle shop in District 12 said that the number of cars sold since the latest petrol increase (March 11) has not changed much. “I don’t know about other stores, but my own store did not have a sudden increase. The number of customers is quite small. Mainly customers come to see samples”, the shop owner said.

He continued: “I’ve heard people say they’ll switch to cycling, so I’m glad that I’ll sell. But the reality is not as expected. I sold 7-8 bikes in almost a week. Con number is not high compared to other days”.

A bicycle shop in District 3 had a few customers come to see samples. “I look at the price first. Currently, I am still considering the price of a new car with the cost of gas money for a running motorbike. Which is more profitable, I will decide,” said Mr. Loc (District 1). good. Because he works quite close to home, he plans to buy a bicycle to combine exercise, but if he has to go far, he still has to ride a motorbike.

According to Mr. Dang Thanh Phong, Communications Director of The Gioi Di Dong, the bicycle sales unit at Dien May Xanh and AVASport systems, the sales figures for this item are not unusual.

“Some product lines increased slightly, especially sports bikes increased by 64% in the first two weeks of March compared to the same period in February,” said Mr. Dang Thanh Phong. In which, children’s bicycles and mountain bikes are the two most popular models.

Mr. At the same time, it will create the best conditions for customers to own a bicycle with great promotions, deep discounts, bundles, and installments.”

According to Mr. Phong, the bicycle market in the coming time will be more positive because people pay more attention to their health, exercise more, and take care of their health in the context of the epidemic.

“If the price of gasoline increases so that customers can buy more bicycles, they need to consider more. The basic use of a motorbike is different from a bicycle. The level of gasoline price increase is probably not enough for people to ride. change cars,” he shared.

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