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Hoang Y Nhung has a colorful transformation, revealing her relationship with Bang Cuong

Recently, the minishow Lua Dao by singer Hoang Y Nhung was held at Dong Dao Tea Room with the participation of many famous singers and guests such as Luu Chi Vy, Bang Cuong, Ho Quang Hieu, Chau Khai Phong…

Hoang Y Nhung reveals the interesting story behind the song Lua Dao - Photo 1.

It is known that the music night was held on the birthday of the singer from Ca Mau. This is an opportunity for the singer to express her gratitude to the benefactors who have always accompanied and supported her during her 11 years of artistic pursuit.

Hoang Y Nhung shared: “Actually, I planned to organize it last year, to celebrate the 10th anniversary, but because of the impact of the epidemic. Secondly, after the epidemic, I feel the love between family and friends is very precious. People only chat online and rarely see each other but still love each other. I feel like I’m just a little girl with nothing in my hand. After 14 years in Saigon, what I am today is thanks to everyone’s support. However, I have not had a day to seriously sit down and say thank you before. That’s why I decided to hold this concert.”

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When singing the song “Peach Silk”, Hoang Y Nhung revealed that she was inspired by the image of trot girls pursuing the profession of “trafficking and selling chalk” with the sentence: “Everybody looks at those girls, laughs today but doesn’t know what will happen next. how to cry for tomorrow Hoang Y Nhung added: “My compositions are always put all my thoughts and feelings into it. And if people don’t accept it, it’s also a gift for my feelings.”

Hoang Y Nhung reveals the interesting story behind the song Lua Dao - Photo 3.

Or when sharing about the difficult time before becoming famous, Hoang Y Nhung said she came from a family of civil servants. However, because of her difficult family situation, no land to live in, she had to live on the river, so she decided to go to the city to take the exam to enter the architecture school. The singer herself used to be angry at her mother for only giving her a few tens of thousands of dollars as a contestant. However, when she heard the story shared by her father, she changed her perspective. “With tens of thousands of dollars, it’s nothing, but it’s a meal for parents to cover for the day,” she said.

In the minishow, many close colleagues who once stood to help Hoang Y Nhung were also present to look back on the growing journey of the singer from Ca Mau.

On stage, Hoang Y Nhung was also surprised when she revealed her close relationship with Bang Cuong: “When I was a toddler, I just started singing but no one paid, Mr. Cuong helped me a lot. He composed, showed me how to sing, took me to the studio… It’s been two or three years since we met, but those images are still remembered by me to this day.”

Lua Dao music night ended with many sublime emotions in Hoang Y Nhung’s heart as well as the guests present at Dong Dao tea room. With careful preparation, the singer from Ca Mau brought many impressive performances, combined with the dance troupe to “burn up” on stage, which is also considered as compensation and thanks for the words. Everyone’s encouragement and help is for Hoang Y Nhung and also an affirmation of more seriousness in music in the future.

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