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How do you get to the top when every time you have sex with your husband is boring?

In fact, many women from the first time they have sex in their 20s, to the age of 40-50 years still never know what a “climax” feeling is. Many of them still have sex with their husbands and even pretend to be full to make them happy, when in fact they have no feelings themselves.

In my opinion, if only based on the normal relationship between the two genitals, only a third of women who get an orgasm, the rest is just to please her husband.

Women who have never had an orgasm but still have happy families, still have children, often accept life in the present because they think that even trying will not solve the problem.

However, if a woman suddenly “hit” someone who “does” well and helps them reach orgasm, then there will be big problems. At that time, the woman will ask the question: It turns out that for so many years, I have lived in vain? Should it be dismantled to be rebuilt or not?…

On the other hand, there were cases of previously “rising to the top”, but when they got married, they didn’t. This story often deals with husband technique and especially with emotion.

To solve this problem, the wife must become a “teacher”. Similarly, when a woman has “rise to the top”, she can guide her husband, but this is a delicate matter, so it is necessary to be clever so that the husband does not realize that he is being “taught”. Most men are often narcissistic, even though they know nothing, they always appear strong and prove themselves knowledgeable. Therefore, the wife must carefully guide in the right direction so that both can achieve sublimation.

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Women don’t reach orgasm during sex for a variety of reasons. Illustration.

The last and most difficult case is that the same partner, the same technique, before the woman “climaxed”, but now she can’t. This problem stems from several factors:

– Physical is no longer the same as before: For example, when you are in your twenties, only your fists will vibrate, but the same blood vessels, nerves that run for 20 years, also slow down and age.

Then through surgery, events, birth, sensitive organs also sag and no longer have the same feeling as before.

– May suffer from disease: There are many diseases that affect sex, such as diabetes, which damages blood vessels, and causes loss of sensation in the genitals. Then the disease in the spine also affects the reception of signals in the genitals…

– Emotional problems: This is very important, if the couple is together, every day just seeing each other makes them feel irritated, it is difficult to get along when sharing a bed.

To cure this problem it is necessary to determine the cause, if due to physical problems such as spinal disease, surgery, endocrine deficiency, then supplements… These things are usually not too difficult. towel.

However, if the cause is psychological and social problems, the treatment will be more complicated. If one partner has an endogenous psychological illness such as depression, stress, stress… then long-term treatment is required.

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