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In online learning, the teacher plays the role of the student’s MOTHER, a few seconds later the ending is revealed, making everyone laugh

Online learning is now too familiar to any student. All operations and learning skills on computers and phones are well understood by Gen Z in the palm of their hand. It is also because they are so familiar with this way of learning that the boys and girls also take advantage of the time to turn the online classroom space into a comedy stage.

For students, communication and presentation skills are a must-have skill because many subjects and many exercises need students to participate in group work and present their results to teachers and the whole class. Presentation and presentation software. This is the worry of those who are afraid of the crowd and are not yet bold and confident.

But there is a bigger worry that is responding to criticism. Because this is the time when other members of the class can try to voice their opinions in front of the teacher so that the teachers themselves can evaluate your ability to behave.

Recently, a Tiktok clip has received significant interaction from netizens. Accordingly, the clip recorded the scene of an online class, including the communication between lecturers and students, making everyone laugh because they thought they were witnessing a familiar scene that every family has.

While studying, it’s like watching a movie! (Source: Phuong Doan)

Specifically, the teacher of this class played the role of the biological mother of a random student. Teacher Expressed to the point that everyone thought they were listening to the familiar questioning of any mother, but during the recent epidemic break, everyone encountered them when they didn’t work on time, studied online until noon, leading to skipping meals.

As for the student, he was quite fluent when he replied to the lecturer, making anyone who watched the video doubted that: “These are mother and daughter, right?”

Doan Phuong (student of class DH11QD, Faculty of Land Management, University of Natural Resources and Environment) – the owner of this video came back and said: “That day, my class took a soft skills subject in charge of Ms. Ly, this is the practice of communication skills combined with recognizing direct and indirect communication. Actually when I watch her practice I also I’m quite happy because it’s very similar to the scene that my mother reminds me every morning, very similar. Ms. Ly teaches very well, is easy to understand, but she is also psychopathic with students, so everyone in our class loves her.” .

Below the clip, many sympathetic comments were left by netizens:

– If I didn’t read the comments, I would think mother and daughter were talking.

– Oh, Miss Ly teaches soft skills, right? She teaches super super!

– At first, I imagined the scene of my house. She scolded like her mother.

Source: Characters provided

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