Is lard a “killer” for health? Profit Analyst

Pork fat is an extremely familiar food in the life of Vietnamese people. Since ancient times, lard has been used a lot in cooking because it creates a delicious, greasy flavor for dishes. However, lard is “labeled” as a factor that increases the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease.

So, lard brings nutrition and deliciousness to the dish or is a “killer” for human health.

1. Eating lard – good or bad for health?

Once, lard was a “customer” on the dinner table of Vietnamese families, but in the eyes of young people today, lard has become the “culprit” of cardiovascular disease because it contains a lot of saturated fatty acids. .

However, saturated fat when used properly in moderate doses will help you absorb nutrients, boost your metabolism, and help you curb cravings. This fat is also quite heat resistant, so it produces less harmful toxins to your health during cooking.

In lard contains 40% saturated fat and 40% – 50% unsaturated fat is considered good fat. In addition, lard is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D and other minerals that are beneficial to health. And the truth is that the human brain is 80% lipid (animal fat). Thus, if the brain does not have fat, it will cause many diseases such as memory loss, intellectual decline …

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Some people think that saturated fat increases the risk of heart disease by raising LDL cholesterol and a number of other factors that damage the heart or increase the risk of obesity. However, researchers are still uncertain about the effect of this type of fat on cardiovascular disease.

Saturated fat’s ability to affect health depends on many other factors such as dosage, history of chronic disease … And in fact, medical problems such as obesity, cardiovascular disease. Weakness is related to the problem of metabolic disorders. A high-energy diet can also cause the body to convert excess energy into lipids.

2. Is it necessary to replace lard with vegetable oil?

Because lard has the potential to cause disease, causing many people to fall into panic and fear, some people even abstain from lard entirely and instead choose to use vegetable oils.

However, Dr. Guo Kaiyu, a doctor at the Military General Hospital, China recommends that people should not eat too much lard, but also do not need to abstain completely. The people who really need to “abstain” from lard are those who already have medical conditions such as obesity, people with cardiovascular disease, etc.

The doctor said that people can still alternate between lard and vegetable oil to meet their nutritional needs. Because, although unsaturated fatty acids (mainly contained in vegetable fats and oils) are rich in essential fatty acids, it does not mean that only vegetable fats should be consumed and not animal fats.

Both of these substances are indispensable in providing daily nutrition for the body, but the amount of saturated fatty acids should be limited. Therefore, 2/3 of the fat in the diet should be provided by vegetable fats and 1/3 should be provided by animal fats.

  Is lard a health killer?  Experts analyze the benefits - harms and show how to eat right - Photo 2.

Illustration: Should eat both lard and cooking oil alternately.

In the document “Chinese Dietary Guidelines” it is recommended that daily fat intake should be controlled at 25-30 grams. For adults, the total fat percentage should not exceed 30% and the saturated fat ratio should be less than 10%.

However, it should also be noted that fat does not only come from cooking oils and lard, but also from other foods that we eat every day. So, for example, if you ate too much meat today, don’t eat more fatty foods, especially snacks that contain saturated fat like cookies, chips or egg tarts. other way.

When there are rumors that this food is not good for health, many people will have the habit of eliminating and eliminating that food from their meals. However, to judge a food good or bad is not simple, it is important to depend on how to eat and how much to eat.

Therefore, whether it is lard or cooking oil, everyone needs to use it in moderation to have a good effect on health.

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