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Man Utd lost the match, coach Rangnick criticized the referee

This morning (March 16), MU received a 0-1 defeat before Atlético Madrid in the second leg of the 1/8 round of the European Cup 2021/2022. After 2 rounds, Red Devil lost in the end with a score of 1-2, thereby officially being eliminated from the most prestigious playground in Europe.

In the competition at Old Trafford, Atletico Madrid after opening the scoring in the 41st minute thanks to Lodi’s work, this team played “build a bus” that made MU unable to find an equalizer. Besides, Atletico Madrid also has tricks, lying in the yard and buying time.

Therefore, coach Rangnick is very dissatisfied. In an interview with BT Sport, the German military leader said: “The second half was difficult for us and the game was always interrupted. There is always someone lying on the field. In addition, the referee also made some confusing decisions“.

Man Utd lost the match, coach Rangnick criticized the referee - 1

Coach Rangnick was disappointed with the referees.

Coach Rangnick said that the second half was constantly interrupted because of the tricks and time-consuming tricks of Atletico Madrid’s players, so having only 4 minutes of injury time was a joke to this leader.

Meanwhile, goalkeeper De Gea also shared: “Atletico Madrid is a team that knows how to play games like this. After scoring, they gathered the entire squad in front of Oblak’s goal. A team that specializes in defense, we are very sad.”

Being eliminated from the European Cup and losing in the top 4 race, the possibility that MU has a ticket to this playground next season is quite low, De Gea said: “We need to keep doing our best, but it’s really a difficult task. I feel sad for the fans, everyone because we’re not good enough“.

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