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Many mistakes at Sa Dec High School (Dong Thap)

Sa Dec City High School. Photo: Nhut An – VNA

On the afternoon of March 16, the Department of Education and Training of Dong Thap province had official information about a number of cases that occurred at Sa Dec City High School (Ward 1, Sa Dec City).

Accordingly, the school has many violations related to the implementation of the Regulation on assessment and grading of students; revenue – expenditure high school graduation exam review year 2021; implement the regular salary increase system, raise the salary level ahead of time and appoint Team Leader, Deputy Team Leader.


1. From the school year 2020-2021 and earlier, Sa Dec City High School has an internal agreement among teachers to organize for office staff and teaching staff to record points in students’ report books. and collect money from homeroom teachers and subject teachers to compensate those who score points in the transcripts.

According to the Department of Education and Training of Dong Thap province, the above implementation of the school is not in accordance with the provisions of Circular No. 58/2011/TT-BGDĐT of the Ministry of Education and Training on promulgating the Evaluation Regulation , classification of junior high school students and high school students; Circular No. 26/2020/TT-BGDDT amending and supplementing a number of articles of the regulation on assessment and grading of junior high school students and high school students promulgated together with Circular No. 58/2011/TT- BGDDT.

Sa Dec City High School has established a Management Board of software to manage grades and learning results (3 members) but there is no decision to establish and assign specific tasks and responsibilities to each member of the Board; regulations on using the software have not been developed yet, decentralizing authority to handle content such as entering grades, editing grades, exporting printed scorecards, preserving score records… Some cases of correcting grades in the School Book You do not comply with the regulations.

2. Regarding the collection and spending of the 2021 high school graduation exam preparation fees, the school has not issued a document assigning the duties of staff to collect payments at the unit. The Accounting Department opens accounting books and records vouchers for untimely revenue sources; No invoice has been issued to the payer.

Along with that, the school has not disclosed the number of periods and the amount of each teacher directly reviewing the graduation exam in 2021 to the Pedagogical Council. The payment for teachers who directly teach is not timely and this money is transferred to the personal account of the treasurer to be transferred to the teachers.

3. Sa Dec City High School has issued a Regulation on reviewing raise salary However, the current regulations have not been promptly supplemented and updated, and have not been adjusted to suit the actual situation of the unit. The document on the consideration of salary increase is still flawed, and the contents have not been properly implemented according to the documents issued by the school. The review of subjects and individual achievements is not accurate, leading to the need to adjust and supplement the quantity, cancel the results of considering salary increase before the deadline at the unit.

The appointment of Team Leaders and Deputy Leaders of specialized groups is not in accordance with the process under the guidance of the Department of Education and Training.

The leader of the Department of Education and Training of Dong Thap province said that before the violations at Sa Dec City High School, the Department invited the Principal, Vice Principal and individuals directly related to the cases to review them. , learn from experience, give suggestions; seriously criticize the school principal and relevant individuals.

The Department requested the school principal to stop assigning office staff and academic staff to record grades in the school report book; organization to immediately remedy the limitations and shortcomings.

On the basis of the violations and the extent of remedial measures, the Department of Education and Training will consider a further form of handling in accordance with current regulations on management and use of cadres, civil servants and public employees. positions, employees.

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