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Musician Ngoc Chau, author of “Spring Whispering”, passed away

On his personal Facebook page, singer Khanh Linh and musician Ngoc Chau’s sister shared his photo with farewell words: “Lightly step, sister greets me! No sadness, no pain, no fatigue!”.

Musician Ngoc Chau, author of

Shared by singer Khanh Linh

Musician Ngoc Chau, who suffered from severe heart failure. Recently, he was hospitalized but was discharged about 2 weeks ago. Relatives and friends were all delighted when his health improved and could be discharged, until they were shocked to receive the news that the musician had died on the morning of March 17 at the age of 55.

Musician Ngoc Chau was born in 1967 in a family with artistic traditions, the son of Meritorious Artist Vu Dau – a golden voice once – and lute player Pham Ngoc Huong. His sister, Khanh Linh, is also a famous singer with a clear, high-pitched voice that is compared to the sound of a nightingale. He graduated from the Composition Department – Hanoi Conservatory of Music (now the Vietnam National Academy of Music) class 1983 – 1993 and was a member of the famous Hoa Sua band.

Musician Ngoc Chau, author of

Musician Ngoc Chau

After graduating, Ngoc Chau gradually built her personal mark through the soundtrack songs, typically the song Miss Tam today in TV series The story of the Moc house. Stepping out of the movie, the song has a life of its own, is constantly being requested by the audience on music stages and the most successful performer is singer Khanh Linh. Song Spring whisper – His confession about his first love – took the top position in the Top 10 songs voted by Tien Phong newspaper in 1998 and Ngoc Chau became a musician in the Top 10 Green Wave, City People’s Voice Radio. HCM.

Many of his other songs like Spring Afternoon, If that happens, Goodbye, Soft Sun, Innocent… Also very popular with the audience.

Being at a successful stage of his career, musician Ngoc Chau was almost “hidden”, for a long time fans had no information about him. It was not until 2016 that he reappeared to support his younger sister Khanh Linh and released a single with her Love Season. This is a continuation of the previous 2 MVs – Flower season is back and Cover girl.

Besides composing, Ngoc Chau is also in charge of recording and mixing sound for the TV show Music game loved by the audience in the early 2010s.

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