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Musician Ngoc Chau passed away

Singer Khanh Linh, sister of musician Ngoc Chau shared a status line saying goodbye to her brother, causing many people grief.

“Lightly walk, sister greets me! No sadness, no pain, no fatigue! I go happily”, singer Khanh Linh wrote and posted a picture of his brother on his personal page.

Musician Ngoc Chau passed away
Musician Ngoc Chau ‘Spring Whisper’ passed away

Sharing with VietNamNet, singer Minh Quan said he was confirmed by singer Khanh Linh as a musician Ngoc Chau passed away at 7:30 am on March 17 at the hospital.

Ngoc Chau was born in 1967 in Hanoi. He is the son of artist Vu Dau and the brother of singer Khanh Linh. Composer Ngoc Chau studied at the Composition Department of the Vietnam National Academy of Music. He is famous for the songs: Whispering Spring, Spring Afternoon, Today’s Co Tam, Golden Autumn, If that happens, the sun is soft... Musician Ngoc Chau is the person who has lifted, guided and taught many generations of young Vietnamese artists.

For many years, he almost did not appear and also composed very little, making information about Ngoc Chau extremely meager. The news that he died suddenly at the age of 55 made many artists and fans shocked and mourned.

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