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Only pain can teach you these 10 profound things

1. Relationships cannot exist with love alone

Only pain can teach you these 10 deep things - 1

You may think that love is all you need to have a good relationship, but if you’ve ever been through a breakup, you’ll understand that it’s not the only thing needed for a relationship.

Many couples, even though they still love each other, finally choose to break up because they can’t continue. To have a strong and deep relationship, it takes more than just love from both parties. Painful experiences will help you understand them better than anyone else.

2. Suffering is not just a metaphor

When you’ve never had a heartbreak, you may find that a friend or colleague is really overdoing it. However, when you really experience it, you will understand more than ever. Pain teaches you that physical pain is not the most painful thing. Heartbreak is not only emotional pain but also physical pain.

“There are wounds that never appear on the body but are deeper and more painful than wounds that bleed,” said Laurell K. Hamilton.

3. Feeling unreliable

Emotions are like a whirlpool of emotions. They bring everything into your mind and can swallow your life. It’s not safe to trust your feelings completely.

Pain will teach you that painful thing. This helps you to understand that your emotions are only felt in certain situations. The emotions that once made you stronger may one day make you weak.

Therefore, judge someone by what they do, not just by how you feel about them.

4. There will be a door that needs to be closed

Only pain can teach you these 10 deep things - 3

Suffering can teach you what no school can teach you, namely “nothing lasts forever.”

We often expect that good things will always last and then quickly fall into confusion when they are gone. You give a lot in the hope that good things will always be there, but the truth is the truth. Your life becomes miserable when things change. But suffering also teaches you that there are doors that must be closed because in the end it gets you nowhere.

“Sometimes we need to forget some people from the past for the simple reason that they don’t belong in our future.”

5. Self satisfaction

Being satisfied with yourself is the most important lesson pain can teach you. This means that you have the ability to deal with problems or things that you need to do.

When we haven’t experienced trauma, we often think that our loved ones are responsible for bringing us happiness or solving problems. However, as you go through many events, you will realize that only when you solve problems on your own, not depending on others, can life be completely happy. You realize that no one but yourself is in charge of your life.

6. Life goes on

“I love you and always look forward to a happy life with you rather than parting. But with you or not, life will go on. I’ll be fine.”

This quote is really wise. If you’ve never experienced pain, you probably can’t imagine life without that person. You think you will not be able to live, the departure of that person seemed to end everything.

However, trauma will help you realize that time waits for no one and that life will go on even if you are not ready.

7. Good and evil are two sides that always exist in parallel

It has long been said that good and evil are two sides of the same coin and those who suffer will understand it better than anyone.

Anyone who has been abandoned or rejected knows that people who were once so kind and caring can also become evil and dangerous. Both love and hate can be difficult to understand for those who have never experienced it, but for those who endure heartbreak, they understand it very well.

8. Suffering reveals your weakness

Only pain can teach you these 10 deep things - 4

“Some people go through life teaching us lessons we couldn’t have learned if they had stayed,” says Mandy Hale.

Correct! From a different perspective, pain also benefits you. It helps you recognize your inner weakness.

We often find it difficult to accept our mistakes or feel uncomfortable when others point out our weaknesses. But pain will help us to recognize our own weaknesses and it is an opportunity to improve ourselves more and more.

9. Life is unpredictable

Pain, travel will teach you that surprises are a part of life. You may have a lot of plans for your future with your loved ones, but then one day, it all falls apart. What happens is completely beyond your imagination. Even if you think you understand that person very well, the reality is still like cold water running down your beliefs.

10. Enlightenment of love

Last but not least, the pain will help you understand more about love than anything else in the world. You will understand that love is not a matter of right and wrong, or as simple as math. And no matter how much it hurts you, pain can never erase love from your heart. You will not lose the ability to be loved or to love someone.

“Every child is born with a need to be loved and never loses that need,” says Frank A. Clark.

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