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Proposal to soon support businesses that lose control of 36 cashew containers

Before the situation, there are still 36 cashew container Exports still lose control, at a meeting with the Ministry of Industry and Trade this afternoon (March 17), the Vietnam Cashew Association proposed to the Ministry of Public Security, Transport, and the State Bank to soon have solutions to handling and support to minimize damage to the business.

According to the latest information, 36 export containers of cashews owned by 5 Vietnamese enterprises are worth about 162 billion VND. Currently, 5 containers out of a total of 36 containers have been kept at the port of Singapore. The remaining 8 containers of cashews have docked in Italy.

Early recommendations to support businesses that lose control of 36 cashew containers - Photo 1.

(Illustration image – Photo: Investment Newspaper)

Despite the active work of the Vietnam Trade Office in Italy as well as of the lawyers, the Italian port authority announced that it would be difficult to keep them at the port for more than 14 days according to international regulations.

After 14 days, if there is no court decision, the goods will be handed over to the buyer when they present all relevant documents. The remaining 23 containers of cashew nuts will be docked in Italy this March and the port authority of your country also commits to keep it for 14 days as prescribed, to assist in the settlement.

According to the direction of the Prime Minister, the ministries, branches and relevant units quickly clarify the cause to take measures to handle and support according to their competence to ensure the legitimate interests of enterprises, in accordance with the law. in accordance with domestic and international laws and regulations, promptly report to the Prime Minister any difficulties or problems beyond their competence.

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