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Quang Hai is overweight, it’s hard to kick in Europe right now

At the time Quang Hai had only 27 days left on his contract with Hanoi FC, it was reported that the midfielder wanted to leave the Capital team to play football in Europe. Evaluating Quang Hai’s opportunity if he chooses to go abroad, coach Ljupko Petrovic – who won the European Cup – shared:

“He’s overweight. In Europe, if you’re overweight, people don’t use it. At the moment, being overweight like that is very difficult to compete in Europe.”

Coach Petrovic’s assessment is not wrong, but it is not too big of a problem for Quang Hai. This player has only played his first game after a break due to COVID-19 and back injury, he has not yet regained his ideal shape and body.

Coach Petrovic: Quang Hai is overweight, difficult to kick in Europe right away - 1

Quang Hai help Hanoi FC won 3 points against Thanh Hoa.

However, Quang Hai still shined to score the only goal to help Hanoi FC win 3 hard points against Thanh Hoa. After the match, coach Petrovic admitted that he himself did not recognize the scorer as Quang Hai, because it was a mischievous ball that the Hanoi FC players made too quickly.

“Now I know Quang Hai scored. Thanh Hoa’s defense lost focus and Quang Hai scored. We didn’t have the concentration in this situation,” Coach Petrovic said.

Coach Petrovic also said that Hanoi FC has many better players than Quang Hai and is the better team in this match. However, he appreciated the home team’s performance in defense.

Video: Quang Hai scored the only goal to help Hanoi FC beat Thanh Hoa

“Hanoi FC played well, had many scoring opportunities. They had a set situation from the corner and scored”coach Petrovic commented.

“Hanoi FC used to easily beat us. Until now there is still Quang Hai, but it is very difficult for them to beat us.

I am very satisfied with the defensive players, especially the two players number 34 (Doan Ngoc Tan) and number 16 (Dinh Tien Thanh). When player number 16 is on the pitch, he plays very well. When I got injured, I had to replace him. I am very pleased with the six defensive players. The other positions today did not show themselves.”

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