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Quiz assesses the level of addiction to sex movies

What is the movie “pig” or p*rn?

According to Medical News Today then: P*rn or the movie “pig” refers to a pornographic film that explicitly depicts sexual intercourse for the purpose of sexually arousing the viewer. Porn and pornography in general often exaggerate sexual fantasies, which can cause distortions in thought/behavior if the viewer is “dumb”.

Who is this “pig” movie quiz for?

To anyone with a certain interest in depraved culture.

Here are 9 questions regarding common behaviors among people who (may) have been consuming pornographic content in an unhealthy way – as asked by the sex education project team Naked Love Translated from the journal of psychology Psycom.

Is this quiz accurate?

Please note that this test is for reference only, NOT a diagnostic tool. Disorders related to mental health or sexual behavior can only be diagnosed by a licensed physician or psychologist.


Take this quiz now to see if you are addicted to the movie

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