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Shadow’s Nest is a very difficult character for me

On the evening of March 16, the premiere of the movie Shadows took place in Hanoi and received the attention of fans.

As one of the four main actors of the film, Mai Cat Vi was present very early to look back at the results of her labor with her uncles and aunts. The actress chose a gentle and feminine skirt design combined with a two-sided braided hairstyle that is appropriate for her age.

Mai Cat Vi: Shadow's Nest is a very difficult character for me - Photo 1.

The latest pictures of Mai Cat Vi in Hanoi.

It can be seen that compared to the time of joining Hai Phuong, Mai Cat Vi has a change in appearance. Mai Cat Vi is now taller, more beautiful and receives many invitations to take photos from the audience. The actress confided that she was very happy to be recognized and supported by everyone.

In the film, a 13-year-old girl plays Yen, a landmark character, bringing many interesting details to the audience. Overshadowing marks Mai Cat Vi’s second collaboration with director Le Van Kiet after Hai Phuong (the work that made her the youngest actor to win the Golden Lotus award).

This is also the second time I have collaborated with actor Quang Tuan after the step-aunt restaurant. Therefore, Cat Vi can’t help but be excited, looking forward to everyone’s reaction to her new role.

After more than 90 minutes of watching the film, many viewers and artists praised the film’s content, especially Cat Vi’s acting in the film. Although she took on a character with a heavy mentality while she was quite young, she still did it well.

Mai Cat Vi: Shadow's Nest is a very difficult character for me - Photo 3.
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Mai Cat Vi at the film launch event.

Mai Cat Vi confided: “Baby’s Nest is a very difficult character for me. At the time when Uncle Le Van Kiet asked me to participate in the film, I was both excited but also very worried.

I know it’s not easy to complete this role and if I don’t do it well, I’ll let everyone down. So during the filming process, I tried to focus as much as possible, listening to the sharing and teachings of the director and other actors. I don’t allow myself to be distracted because I don’t want people to be upset.

When people praise me, I feel very happy that my efforts have paid off. For me, for Yen’s role to shine like that, it’s not only my effort, but also everyone’s.

From my family who always support and create conditions for me to fulfill my passion, to the brothers and sisters in the crew who always help me to firmly believe to play the role in the best way. Above all, the audience. Everyone’s love and encouragement also helped me a lot during filming.”

The child star added: “I see each role as an opportunity to learn and grow more. Hope everyone will support Ball De as well as support me in the upcoming journey”, Mai Cat Vi confided.

Mai Cat Vi: Shadow's Nest is a very difficult character for me - Photo 5.
Mai Cat Vi: Shadow's Nest is a very difficult character for me - Photo 6.

Mai Cat Vi and the cast in the film.

Sleepwalking is a horror film project, revolving around the family of a widower and two daughters. After an incident, the father and son moved from the city to an old house in the countryside, starting a new life. However, this is also the beginning of a series of haunting horrors.

Yen is the first girl to witness the mysterious phenomena in the story and is also the character who plays the role of opening an important event in the film.

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