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“Technology for guessing sexual thoughts”

It is a fact that most love experiences are dominated by men (regardless of mind or body). This often leads to men not understanding women, while women are always afraid of hurting men’s self-esteem. But don’t forget that love is for two people, don’t live half-dead with the restrictive rules that are shackling your feelings. Let go of stereotypes about sex, because it basically doesn’t need much thought.

The set of “Mind guessing techniques” to understand what the other person is thinking during sex below will make you break many things. Compared with women who work hard to beautify and take care of their skin, men who supplement with functional foods need more important factors than that.

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1: Even if you are inexperienced, try to “compliment” a man in bed!

1 Japanese expert said: “Actually, men need a lot of compliments, especially in bed. Men are more sensitive and delicate because they’re under a lot of pressure.”

Even though a woman has no experience in love, just complimenting a man in bed will immediately change his reaction. Men are bound by myths like “men must be strong”, “passive women despise”… So no matter what angle you see through his weakness, you should be tactful. Your sophistication will contribute to a complete change because men are very sensitive in bed story.

Say things like “It’s amazing!”, “So powerful!”… will make men more excited, “longer” and stronger. Or conveying his feelings of love, sharing with him about your thoughts, times of desire, excitement, and pleasure that you both had together is also very helpful.

Some women are proactive and open-minded, but in reality, they don’t have to be so bold. If you “act” all the roles, then a movie is not interesting. In fact, men are less resistant, fragile and easily “injured”, they are afraid that seasoned women will make them inferior.

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2: Not only oral sex (sex orally) can make him sublimate

When it comes to Japan, a lot of men think of adult series. They will form fantasies about their partners having “good expressions” like the actresses in the movie. So, just a little visualization of a woman’s facial expressions, expressions, and charisma when “opening up” is enough to make you excited.

In a topic raised on a closed group, a husband said that he did not like his wife to close her eyes. He honestly shared: “I think it’s not just me, but a lot of brothers here, when going to battle, just like to watch their lover open their eyes, be beautiful and seductive, and enjoy, especially when sitting in a sitting position, her eyes are really excited. I”.

Men like the parts that are caressed by women, mainly focusing on the boy. Although stroking with their mouths rather than with their hands, men still prefer women who use their tongues thoroughly, then wrap them around their bodies.

3: Men’s taste isn’t exactly the same

Some men drink together and share very baseless experiences such as what signs a woman shows that she has had sex many times. But most men today do not like a virgin.

Women think sexy underwear will turn men on, but the truth sometimes doesn’t work for some guys. They may find it beautiful, but it’s something they’ll forget in two seconds. Some guys like active girls, but some stay away from them. Some guys like the frenzy, while others lack interest. So, the most important thing is not to worry about what the majority of men like, but focus on what your man’s taste is.

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4: “Nude” is not necessarily the sexiest for men?

Many girls have beautiful bodies, they are ready to be naked or wrap a thin towel when they are not wearing anything inside, followed by foreplay, caressing. But the caressing should begin before you undress. Compared to being completely naked, this wearing or not wearing situation is where men feel the sexiest!

In fact, regardless of male and female, both should not be naked when entering love, it will reduce the heat and emotions needed.

Touching will make women look forward, nervous and curious about how they will love a man this time. Although directly stroking breasts and private areas are very stimulating, separated by a layer of fabric, women can not worry about them looking a bit fat or distracting. And especially when stroking her through small pants, women do not have to worry about men finding it offensive to look directly at the private area, especially when they have just given birth not long ago.

5: If you want a boy to swoon, you must be sexy? -These are the factors that make guys fall in love

Men find women most attractive in different situations. Some people like delicate and shy women, the nod “yes” is attractive enough. So if you want to conquer men, you have to be sexy, right? – Not really!

Cherish 1 “love”

Men like a lot of things besides being sexy, such as calling his name and directly complimenting him when he is in battle or caring gestures at the end will completely change his assessment of you. .

Cute contrast

Some men also think that many women are full of extraordinary boldness and charm, like drinking a large glass of milk in one gulp. Or usually quiet, but not restrained during sex, panting will also give him an electric shock. It may be a woman who is negative about everything, but she is sexually positive, which is exactly her trust in men.

And this contrast brings pleasure and delight to him. Every love affair must be enjoyable for both of us, we make each other happy in bed, then the relationship under the bed will improve. cuoc-yeu-cuong-nhiet-20220317121626776.chn

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