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The beauty “makeovers” the top, the rich husband is pampered

The spectacular “makeover” in appearance

Many years ago, the photo of two sisters Miss Mai Phuong Thuy taken at the airport attracted many people’s attention. At that time, the queen’s younger sister Mai Ngoc Phuong (born in 1993) looked very genuine with her original beauty, low-tied black hair, glasses, no makeup, and extremely simple clothes.

Miss Mai Phuong Thuy's sister: Top notch beauty, pampered rich husband - Photo 1.

The beauty of Miss Mai Phuong Thuy’s sister (on the right of the photo) when she was still alive.

After a while, Mai Ngoc Phuong made people stir when she returned with an extremely spectacular “makeover”. She completely changed her style from a simple girl to a gorgeous and beautiful lady.

Mai Ngoc Phuong has long hair, gently curls, her chubby face has become a V-line, high nose bridge, big eyes, no glasses, outstanding makeup. Along with a height of 1m78, a slim body and a youthful and trendy fashion sense, Mai Ngoc Phuong always appears with memorable frames. Mai Phuong Thuy’s younger sister is also a brand player when she often wears sets from famous fashion houses and owns a collection of expensive handbags.

Mai Ngoc Phuong is like a completely different person. Many netizens commented that Mai Phuong Thuy’s sister is as beautiful as her sister Miss. And the Miss herself also once acknowledged that.

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After returning from studying abroad, Mai Ngoc Phuong seemed to have completely changed.

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The current lovely face of the younger sister of Miss Vietnam 2006.

Having strong points in both body and appearance, many opinions predict that if Mai Ngoc Phuong enrolls in a beauty playground, it is very likely that she will win a high prize. However, Mai Ngoc Phuong did not choose the path to enter showbiz. After graduating from the University of British Columbia, Voncouver, Canada, Mai Ngoc Phuong returned home and developed a business in the cosmetics industry.

The husband of a businessman loves him to the fullest

Mai Ngoc Phuong has a long-term love affair with her boyfriend, young businessman Truong Tien Duy. The guy works in the real estate industry, his good looks, his performance is extremely suitable for the younger sister of the former Miss Vietnam. On his personal page, Truong Tien Duy also often checks-in with expensive luxury cars.

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Mai Ngoc Phuong has a beautiful love story with young businessman Truong Tien Duy.

In 2021, the two returned to the same house and had an extremely lovely baby with the nickname at home Be. Despite going through pregnancy and childbirth, Mai Ngoc Phuong still retains her sweet beauty and slim figure.

Baby Be from a young age has been taken care of by her parents when wearing expensive Gucci branded goods. The handsome and lovely boy is predicted to be a rich kid face in the future.

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Mai Ngoc Phuong’s husband is handsome and stylish.

Miss Mai Phuong Thuy's sister: Top notch beauty, pampered rich husband - Photo 6.

In 2021, the happy couple welcomes a new member, a very handsome baby boy.

Both Mai Ngoc Phuong and her husband are quite private people who rarely share about their private life. However, on special occasions, Tien Duy is still not afraid to give his wife winged words on social networks. The guy once texted his wife: “You just need to be beautiful and healthy, if you’re happy, just let me ship it to you“.

Through the confided lines filled with love and romance, everyone can also feel the respect and pampering that Truong Tien Duy has for his beautiful wife.

Photo: Collection, Facebook character


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